10 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Your Best Friends


After facing the historical lockdown, we get more familiar with the zoom app to connect with our friends. Mostly We used it for business work, but now it is trending to play live games with our family members and friends. It is very joyful and relaxing. We have a lot of categories of the best games to play on zoom according to our age group. If you want to play with kids, you can choose kids category games, freecell and for friends, you have many adult games also. 

List of the best games to play on zoom

Card against humanity

Card against humanity is the most trending game on the zoom app, and many people play. It is an adult’s party game. In which every player has a random card. One player has a white card, and the other has a black card at the party. The white card has people write a question for other party members, and all other players will write their funny answer on the black card.


We have a fun game machine for giving prizes to team members. Bingo is played a lot by people offline, but bingo is more exciting on zoom. Using this game, I am sure that your team members will feel fresh but don’t forget to give a rewarded prize to them.


Ludo is fascinating, and many things in this game depend upon luck, so this will make it more interesting. As one person gives access to all party members and uses the screen sharing option, it is on the main screen; it is a family game and is loved by Indian people most. The audio and paid video versions are also available for phones, but it is very interesting to play ludo on zoom.


As you know, chess is played between two players. It is also a very famous game on zoom. It is very famous in all countries of the world, and it is a game for all categories adults and kids. It is a well-known game, so foreign friends can also play it. In this game, you can check your mental ability. If you think that you are the boss of this game, you can also participate in the chess championship where you can win prize money also. Many people also play chess online with random people on the internet. So to complete your loved ones give more fun, so it is well played on zoom.

Twenty questions

This game is very popular in the United state(USA), and it originated in the 1940s in the USA. It is a very informative game. Using this game, you have also up your knowledge. You can lead with your competitor using your creative skills.


It is a very exciting game to play on zoom. It is the best game for a group because we divide the group into two teams, and a ‘spymaster ‘will give a clue card to both teams. The teams using their minds have to open the hidden mystery. So in this game, you will play like a detective and enjoy it a lot.


Quiplash is a famous game to zoom two players’ answers to humorous prompts like “Another name for France” against each other. Then, the other players and team members vote for their favourite answer as an audience. The player who gets more votes against their competitor wins the game

Murder mystery 

It is a very famous game for the large crowd. You have more fun with this game at the party. In this game, murder is attempted, and you have to find out the person who did this murder—using clues, you have to find out the way to reach the murderer.


Hangman is also the best game to play on zoom with your best friends. Two or more people can play this game very well. In this game, a person gives the word, sentence, or paragraph with missing later or comments in the sentence. Other players have to guess that missing word. This game was very famous in lockdown.

Mad Libs

Mad libs is a game specially designed for kids. This game gives a big smile to a thousand kids. in this game; You start with a paragraph story where several words are missing in that paragraph. A hosting person asks players for random verbs, adjectives, and nouns. after reading the player, the content host will announce the winner


It is very relaxing to play a game on the zoom app. So it will give a refreshment for your team members and friends because entertainment is a charge booster for any person. As in above, we include both categories of game adult games that are very popular in zoom and kids games to put a smile on their faces. We recommend the above list of games because it is very popular in the internet world, so we hope you will get an idea for games to play on zoom.

Frequently asked question

Are these games free on zoom?

No, many of them take some charge, and some are free. You often have to buy a game from the site to share it via the zoom app with your friends.

Are there any offline games that can also be played on zoom?

That depends on whether the game application allows sharing it on the zoom app or not. But above-listed games, advanced versions are available to play on zoom.

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