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Why Microsoft Technology Stack Remains Popular for Big Enterprise Projects



Microsoft Technology

Microsoft, who in the world is not aware of this leading firm. It was developed almost a decade ago and is still very popular among the software developers. It is considered to be one of the trusted and reliable options to consider above all other options. Microsoft technology has been transformed from the web app development company to today as mobile app service provider. Also, all across the world, it has been understood that Microsoft Stack is one of the efficient factors in shaping the role of any particular business application, be its mobile application or web application. mvc development company has been very popular among everyone due to its effective and efficient contribution.

Despite this, there are many people who still do not have confidence in using the Microsoft Stack and they completely deny the importance of its crucial role in developing the big solutions or web app for the huge enterprises in their large projects. MVC.Net Development Services not just provides the various upgraded features to the users but also gives them full support.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons which clearly explains that how the Microsoft Stack plays an important role in building these high-rise projects of the enterprise:

1). NET is still the leader

Just like Microsoft, .NET was also introduced almost 10 years ago. This framework is really rich in features and is thoroughly tested to compete in all kinds of battles. In the initial days of development, .NET was used to combine the native development with the managed code. Today, it is also used to develop the applications by using the ready-to-use components which were developed in some other projects.

The companies like Oracle have also released such components which are 100% managed .NET code interacting with their products. .NET is a consistent framework which is used by millions of people today.

This framework is highly supported by the huge amount of knowledge which is based upon the online materials which is readily available across the channels like StackOverflow, MSDN and many other forums of the developers. Thus, if someone is into practicing .NET then he can never get stuck in any kind of error or bug fixing as someone in the world has already done that, tested, fixed that particular bug, and have posted it online. This phenomenon helped to propel the project forward.

If we talk about recent progress, .NET Core security has experienced some major improvements during the latest releases in August 2020.

2) ASP.NET has evolved

ASP.NET is one of the parts of Microsoft which has evolved faster in comparison to other parts and has emerged as one of the leading frameworks for frontend development. It has come a long way by evolving from ‘do it in the Microsoft way’ to ‘do it in your own way by using ASP.NET as a platform’. Thus, this framework can be utilized to develop the website or any mobile application in its own way by adding on various forms of factors and different UI elements.

IT is an MVC based framework which has the bundling and routing features, robust authentication which easily integrates with the third-party technologies like AngularJS or Bootstrap.

This framework has been an open-source from years and thus, if anyone faces any issue then the data source is available on GitHub.

3) Simplicity of Power of WCF and Web API

There is a famous saying which is relatable to this – Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible. In 2006, when WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) came for the first time, the bindings and endpoints were really complex then. But later Microsoft released an easy-to-use framework which is Web API which liaison up the access to the services offered by HTTP. The API easily gets transformed to industry standard web service by making few changes in the configuration.

As many configuration options are available on WCF, it easily allows log, intercepting, data serialization, queuing, forwarding messages etc.

In short, if one wants to use simple web services then API will get it ready in a fraction of seconds. And if the requirement is a bit complex, then ‘anything’ is achievable through WCF.

4) Umbrella of Visual studio

Earlier the Visual studio was not that popular as compared to today. Today, not just maximum engineers use Visual studio, but Microsoft has visioned its Visual Studio as one stop IDE-hosting solution with many third-party products as well as that of Microsoft.

Visual studio have made the experience of cloud computing development experience very compatible with the experience of developing the non-cloud application.

Visual studio hides all the complexities related to cloud infrastructure and makes the overall process more efficient. .NET platform continues to evolve in all the horizons with improvements in various areas.

5) Microsoft SQL server is the most reliable one

The SQL server is excellent in fulfilling its role as a data keeper with several features such as backup, referral integrity, transactions, mirroring, and replication.

SQL is basically a database management system of Microsoft which is originally called MSSQL. As the .NET framework is loaded in process from SQL server which means that .NET code is embedded with the store functions, aggregates, and procedures, and that too without compromising with the optimum performance.’

Among the list of most preferred RDBMSs by developers, SQL server continues to top the list.

6) Easily Testable

Microsoft Stack is designed in such a way that QA and testing can be performed on the same without any fear of breaking the code. Testing is an inseparable part of the software development nowadays and Microsoft stack comes fully equipped with the same.

7) A good and elaborate support ecosystem

One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft products is that all of its products receive full support from Microsoft whether its backdated or new launches or popular ones. Example-Microsoft still provides full official support to Microsoft Silverpoint framework which is already backdated.

Microsoft offers one of the biggest online support eco-system for its respective products. This ultimately gives huge support to their developers.

Thus, if someone is using Microsoft Technology stack then there will always be an option to call and chat with the support center of Microsoft without worrying about the outdated of that product.

8) Microsoft always remain for their products

Irrespective of what Microsoft product or service is in trend or which one is dominating the market currently, if it is a product which was launched by Microsoft at some point of time, then it will receive full support from the Microsoft team.

There are developers who are bound to make technological choices without actually knowing which product will be trending in future.

9) MS Office 365

It refers to the suit of all tools and applications of the Microsoft which is mostly used by the business and at the workplaces all across the world. It is fully supported by the cloud which offers seamless scalability and flexibility to accommodate maximum numbers of users from all over the world.

All the organizations which are working from the remote location find this application of Microsoft very helpful.


The above points clearly signify the importance as well as the role of the Microsoft Technology stack in the day-to-day business processes of the big enterprises. Not just features and facilities but, Microsoft also provides full support to the developers, thus, why wouldn’t they prefer this over any other framework.

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