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What is an Investment and Where to Invest For the Best Returns?



What is an Investment and Where to Invest For the Best Returns? fixed deposit

An investment is a process where you allocate funds in an instrument with expectations that it will reap high returns at maturity. An ideal investment is one that comes with many lucrative options and offers high returns while posing a minimum threat to the invested capital. best returns Here are some investment options that can help you earn big returns in a short time:

Public Provident Fund 

Public Provident Fund i.e. PPF offers a high-interest rate and lets you earn well as it compounds the money that you accumulate in your PPF account. However, since best returns it locks your investment for 15 years, it can be looked upon as an instrument that can help you collect enough corpus till retirement. 

Direct Equity 

If you have some space for risks in your investment profile, you can think of allocating some funds in direct equities. The reason for doing that is the high returns it provides especially if you are willing to wait for a sufficiently long period. However, it isn’t the best returns for someone who is older than 60 or has invested in several market-linked instruments. 

Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP) 

A monthly investment plan that is offered by Bajaj Finance, SDP allows you to allocate a part of your savings every month in the form of individual fixed deposits. You invest anywhere from 6 to 48 times and the lock-in period for each deposit can be up to 60 months. 

SDP enables you to pick a variant and investment tenor in such a way that all your deposits mature on the same date or each deposit matures one after another. This best returns along with the high-interest rates enables you to earn big returns in a relatively shorter period. 

Company FDs 

Company FDs are primarily fixed deposits but they offer much better returns than bank or postal FDs. This is because they offer higher interest rates and multiple user-friendly best returns options that allow you to grow your investments swiftly. One such example is Bajaj Finance FD that ensures that your deposits gain growth at a decent interest rate of 6.75%. 

Also, the flexible tenor offered by this company FD that ranges from 12 to 60 months helps you to use it for both long and short term investments. Features like multi-deposit facility help you to divert your corpus into FDs of varying type and tenor. It enables you to ladder best returns your deposits that might prove to be fruitful during a tough financial situation. 

The collateral-free loans against FDs and simple withdrawal options offered by Bajaj Finance FD make it useful as a contingency fund during an unprecedented crisis. Also, the extra fixed deposit rates of 0.25% and 0.10% offered to senior citizens and online investors make it a sensible investment option for everyone. 

There is no risk in investing your money in it as this FD scheme has received MAAA/stable ratings from ICRA and FAAA/stable ratings from CRISIL. These are the highest ratings that these institutions offer and it means that your capital is safe when you invest it in Bajaj Finance FD.

Investment is the process of diverting your funds into different financial instruments to help them grow quickly. If you are not sure where to invest money then you should best returns look at the best investment alternatives available in the market. Mutual funds, stocks, and some other investment plans give high returns but are also risky. You can think of PPF, SCSS, and other stable investment options but they might cater to your short term investment needs.

Bajaj Finance FD seems to be a better alternative these days as it comes with a high FD interest rate and offers features like a multi-deposit facility that can be resourceful during these best returns times. You may also think of investing in SDP as it gives you the option of earning swiftly through monthly deposits.

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