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What Type of Hair is best For Hair Bundles?



What Type of Hair is best For Hair Bundles?

It takes quite patience to grow out long hair – it may even get to your nerves when you want to flaunt long, beautiful hair for an event! 

That’s not a big deal these days because you can always rely on hair bundles to add length in a matter of minutes. 

We understand that not every hair bundle is made equal – some are perfect, but some are still not as you expected or deserve. 

The hair bundles’ quality, beauty, and durability depend on the type of hair dealers sell.

So, it’s vital to consider the type of hair used to make a bundle. In this blog, let’s find out the best hair types for bundles you can completely trust!

This Blog Includes:

  • Virgin Human Hair
  • What is a hair bundle?
  • What are the best hair bundles?
  • What are bundle deals?
  • Where to get Virgin Indian Hair Bundles?
  • Best Hair Bundle Deals at IHI

Virgin Hair is Always the Best 

Free Sample Natural Human Hair Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Cheap Human Hair  Bundles - China Human Hair and Brazilian Hair price |

Virgin Human Hair Bundles

Virgin hair is unprocessed and pure, just like our natural hair. 

It implies that the strands are never dyed or chemically modified – never permed, bleached, or color-treated. 

The best thing about such hair is that they are easier to style, color, and maintain. 

Virgin hair is typically stronger and healthier that can resist damage. 

All these characteristics add up to why virgin hair is regarded as the best in the market. 

Whether it’s hair bundles, wigs, extensions, or toppers, the quality will be superior if made from virgin hair. 

What is a Hair Bundle?

Valueciti - Brazilian Human Hair Single Bundle -Straight -

Human Hair Bundle

In simple terms, a single weft hair extension item is called a hair bundle. It’s typically 3.5 oz or 100 grams in weight and 10 to 20 inches long. 

The origins of a single bundle can range from Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, European, and other countries.

The majority of the bundles are dark brown or natural black in color. Some bundles also come in lighter browns, reds, platinum, and blonde.

What’s The Best Hair Bundle?

Hair bundles vary in terms of hair types, such as Peruvian, Malaysian, European, Brazilian, or Indian. 

Every retailer claim that the hair they sell is the best. A store selling Brazilian hair will always say that Brazilian hair is the best!

For us, virgin hair bundles processed from an ethical and reliable source are the best. The most reliable source is Indian hair, without a doubt!

Virgin Indian Hair Bundles are sourced from the Indian temples directly where women shave and offer their hair to the deities.

Plus, Indian hair is also considered to be thicker and stronger compared to other hair types. 

What are Hair Bundle Deals?

Virgin Hair Bundle Deals with Closure – prettieme

Hair Bundle Deals

Three hair bundles are offered together in a bundle deal. For a complete sew-in, a single user may need three bundles of hair or more, depending on the size of the head.

Where to get Virgin Indian Hair Bundles?


Get Your Virgin Indian Hair Bundles at IHI

Among many stores offering virgin Indian hair bundles, India Hair International (IHI) is a global distributor and direct manufacturer of pure Indian human hair. 

IHI can provide you with direct access to the highest quality Indian hair gathered from reliable and ethical sources.

Hair bundles are available and sourced from India and stored in warehouses in the United States.

Individual buyers, salons, and small vendors can purchase their premium hair bundles in small or large quantities. 

IHI is your honest and reliable store for the most beautiful and highest-quality hair bundles.

You can buy from IHI whether you’re an individual, an emerging hair brand, or a well-established retailer. They cater to every need, and even specialise in wholesale products!

Best Virgin Hair Bundle Deals at IHI


IHI offers amazing bundle deals to businesses or individuals of all kinds. 

The easiest way to stock up on our most popular items is to take advantage of IHI’s wholesale bundle specials!

Pick your choice from the following bundle deals to get premium quality virgin Indian hair bundles.

Virgin Indian Hair Extensions Bundle Deal

Texture: loose wave, water wave, deep wave, spiral curly

Length: 14″ / 16″ / 18″

Virgin Indian Wholesale Bundle Deal – 10pc 

Texture: Virgin Straight, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Spiral Curly

Length: (2) 12” Pieces, (3) 14” Pieces, (3) 16” Pieces, (2) 18” Pieces

Virgin Indian Hair Extensions Bundle Deal

Texture: Straight, Relaxed Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Water Wave, Deep Wave, Spiral Curly

Length: 20″ / 22″ / 24″

Virgin Indian Wholesale Bundle Deal – 10pc 

Texture: Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Spiral Curly

Length: (2) 16” Pieces, (2) 18” Pieces, (3) 20” Pieces, (3) 22” Pieces

Virgin Indian Bundle Deal Closure

Texture: Straight + 16” Relaxed Straight Closure, Yaki Straight + 16” Relaxed Straight Closure, Loose Wave + 16” Wavy Closure

Length:  20″, 22″ and 24″ + a 16″ Closure!

Virgin Indian Hair Extensions Bundle Deal CLosure

Texture: Body Wave + 14” Wavy Closure, Loose Wave + 14” Wavy Closure

Length:  14″, 16″ and 18″ + a 14″ Closure!

Final Thoughts

Virgin human hair is the best type of Hair for hair bundles. Since they are pure and natural, it is easier for users to style, maintain and wear them. 

And among many hair types like Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian – Virgin Indian Hair is popular in the industry.

Not sure? Get virgin Indian hair bundles at India Hair International to verify how beautiful and natural they are!

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