1. 100 Shots

One of the hardest songs off his album Bulletproof, the artist gave us “100 Shots,” which falls right into the style he excels in.

2. Large Amounts

The artist and producer duo are a recipe for success on any song. “Large Mounts” embodies that street trap sound with rolling kicks and 808s and a riding vocal chop melody.

3. Gimme My Bag

Boasting a highly catchy instrumental and melody, this record comes with heavy 808s that never gets old.

4. Sunshine

It’s a fairly short song, but the artist got straight to the point in his message, and it served its purpose.

5. Play Wit Yo Bitch

There isn’t much that stood in the way of his goals, and this is another track that became a fan favorite in his discography.

6. Facts

“Facts” takes a more laid-back approach, and Young Dolph’s vocals cruise over a chill instrumental that offers sharp production with a faint, calming melody.

7. Real Life

A stand-out record from his album King of Memphis, the rapper speaks on how money has influenced and changed his life over time. 

8. Gelato

Delivering plenty of trap influence, “Gelato” has tons of dark energy that make it a hard-hitting banger.

9. Preach

Offering more insight into the artist’s earlier years, this song focuses on his struggles growing up.

10. I Pray For My Enemies

 “I Pray For My Enemies” speaks about how he’s unfazed by those that look for his downfall and how it has only made him stronger throughout his career.