Top Worlds Hardest Language To Learn

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese, however, is a very useful language to learn, having 918 million native speakers and 199 million non-native speakers.

Arabic Language

Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Egypt speak Arabic, a Semitic language spoken in 26 nations across the Middle East and northern Africa.

Russian Langauge

Russian, which ranks third on our list of the most difficult languages to learn or the Hardest language to learn, employs a Cyrillic alphabet with recognisable and foreign letters.

Telugu  Language

Telugu, one of India’s most prominent Dravidian languages, is spoken in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is one of the country’s 22 scheduled languages. 

Polish language

Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn. For English speakers, Polish vocabulary might be complex and the Hardest language to learn and pronounce. 

Japanese Language

Japanese is another Hardest language to learn for those who grew up learning English, Spanish, or French, but it may be simple for those fluent in East Asian languages

Turkish Language

Turkish is a widely spoken language with a long and illustrious history and culture. It’s native to Turkey, but it’s also found in Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Greece. 

Hungarian Language

Since we’re on the subject of difficult grammar, we can’t leave out Hungarian, the torment of English speakers. When learning this one, be prepared to think in new ways.

Finnish Language

The finish is a sound close to English but a complexity comparable to Hungarian. Don’t even get me started on traditional or classical Finnish or how modern Finns communicate.  

Korean Language

More than 75 million people speak Korean, with 72 million living in South Korea and the rest in North Korea, thanks to two separate writing systems (Hangul and Hanja)

Thai Language

Because English is not frequently spoken or understood in Thailand, it is a useful language to learn if you plan to work, study, or travel there for an extended period. 

Farsi Language

Farsi, or Persian Farsi, is an Indo European language spoken as a native language by around 70 million people, primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. 

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