Bajaj Chetak EV

3kW battery that takes 5 hours to charge and a range of 85 to 95 kilometers. Its 3800w BLDC engine has a top speed of 78kmph,

Ather 450X

It ranges up to 80 kilometers, with a standard range of 65 kilometers for each full charge.

Ola Electric

The motor in the OLA S1 produces 5500 W of power. The OLA S1 offers a two-wheel finishing part with both front and backplate restrains.

E Pluto 7G

With a 1500w BLDC engine equipped for arriving at the speed of 65kmph. A 2.5kW battery can give a wide degree of in excess of 100 kilometers

Hero Electric Optima E2

A 250w battery has a maximum speed of only 25kmph, but a 5-year battery guarantee allows customers to be more relaxed


After fully charging, a massive 4.5kW battery in TVS IQube can provide a range of 75kms and a top speed of 78kmph on the vehicle.

Okinawa Ridge +

The Okinawa Ridge+ is powered by an 800w BLDC motor with a top speed of 55kmph. The 1.74 li-iON battery can be fully charged in 3 hours

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