SIURANA, CATALONIA  Siurana is set high in the Prades mountains, overlooking its namesake reservoir, and is one of the most beautiful communities in the country.

LAS MÉDULAS,  LEÓN The Romans created the serrated environment, distinguished by red-clay mountains covered with chestnut trees, by building seven massive aqueducts here to mine gold. 

RONDA, MÁLAGA  The picturesque city of Ronda is made up of white stone structures clinging to the slopes of a bottomless canyon carved out by the Guadalevn River.

DOÑANA NATIONAL PARK, ANDALUSIA One of Europe’s most beautiful wetlands is between the Andalusian provinces of Huelva, Seville, and Cádiz.

ORDESA Y MONTE PERDIDO, ARAGÓN The National Park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido is a show-stopping Pyrenean stretch of plateaus and deep valleys popular with climbers and hikers.

AS CATEDRAIS, GALICIA This Galician beach is small and golden at high tide, but as the sea recedes, the water reveals rock formations of vaulted arches—some as high as 90 feet. 

LAVENDER FIELDS, BRIHUEGA, CASTILLA-LA MANCHA When it comes to lavender fields, most people think of the south of France, but these rows of deep purple can be found in the Guadalajara region