We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift was about to take over pop culture for the foreseeable future. 

New Year's Day It’s the day after the high drama house party that was Reputation, as the album closes out

Mean Speak Now is the only one of Taylor’s albums where all the songs were written solely by her.

Love Story Written in just twenty minutes while sitting on her bedroom floor, ‘Love Story’ became one of Taylor’s biggest hits.

The Man This incendiary take-down of society’s sexist double standards from the Lover album saw Taylor turning a corner into a more politically conscious stage of her career.

Blank Space Taylor’s got a lot of bangers in her pop closet, but this dramatic electro-pop gem from 1989 is hanging up there with the best of them.

August The love triangle of Folklore is completed with ‘august’, as the unnamed third party picks up James and Betty’s story

All Too Well A firm fan-favourite and the song from Red that Taylor has always described as being the hardest to write

You Belong With Me Careful how close you stand to Taylor Swift when you’re on the phone, you might end up in a song.

Betty Swift cited Patty Griffin’s ‘Top of The World’ as her inspiration to write from a male perspective.

I Knew You Were Trouble Even before 1989, Taylor was getting inspiration from her failed romance with Harry Styles.

Shake It Off  ‘Shake It Off’ was the moment when she became so big you could see her from space.