Eminem dressed up as Elvis Presley in a comic music video that was originally supposed to be serious.

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935, into a miserably destitute household in Tupelo, Mississippi, and rose to stardom at the tender age of 21.

Elvis Presely was a global superstar by the age of 23, having appeared on television, in films, and had many hit songs on the radio.

Jailhouse Rock

The 10 Best Elvis Presley Song

2. “For The Heart” (1976)

3. Burning Love Burning Love in particular was felt to be a credible, contemporary version of rock'n'roll that would suit Elvis very well.

4. Suspicious Mind Song by Elvis Presley This is one of the most memorable hits of Presley's career.

5. Baby What You Want Me to Do- ELVIS PRESLEY

6. Don't Be Cruel Hound Dog · 1956

7. Devil in Disguise Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4 · 1968