Scientists, and not to mention regular people, still have a lot more to learn about how life works and how it started to exist in the first place.

Sure, the “Primordial Soup Theory,” for instance, might be compelling at a certain level, but it still has its shortcomings.

According to the same source, the newly created RNA molecule also plays by the rules of Darwin’s controversial Theory of Evolution. The molecule is able to diversify in a complex way.

We found that the single RNA species evolved into a complex replication system: a replicator network comprising five types of RNAs with diverse interactions, supporting the plausibility of a long-envisioned evolutionary transition scenario.

The development of the RNA molecule also means the first empirical evidence that biological molecules can lead to the formation of complex lifelike systems.

Project Assistant Professor Ryo Mizuuchi explained as quotes.

Otherwise, scientists still have not responded to the age-old question “what’s the origin of life?”. But they’re confident that their discovery could play a role in solving that huge conundrum.

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