Bullock revealed that she’s going to take a break from acting so she can be “in the place that makes me happiest”—which is, evidently, not the famously warm-hearted and comforting world of movie-making.

Bullock says she takes acting very seriously when she’s at work, so much so that it’s a “24/7 job,” but at this point in her life she just wants to “be 24/7” with her family.

Not to force Bullock to turn everything into work, even when she’s not working, but this does sound like it could be the premise for a sitcom

A famous mom takes a break from her high-profile job so she can stay home and give her kids more attention, resulting in some wacky hijinks where they want to go to a party or something and she’s like “I’m a cool mom, I’ll go to the party with you” and it’s funny and awkward.

Bullock noted that the other parents in her community know her as “the crazy lady with the pandemic,” explaining that “they know their children will return without COVID when they’ve come to our house,” which makes us think that her desire to stay home more is partly due to anxiety about going back out into the world

Maybe the pilot episode ends with her agent landing some huge offer, but then her kids her like “don’t take the job, we want you to stay home,” and it’s very touching.

The Lost City looks really fun, so why bother trying to top it?

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