The Danish drama set in the aftermath of a school bombing in Copenhagen is based on a true WWII story

Netflix has released a new Danish drama film that portrays the events that occur when a WWII bombing mission accidentally hits a school full of children, affecting many Copenhagen residents.

During World War II, the British destroyed a Danish school by mistake and this real life tragedy has been depicted in Netflix's Danish war film 'The Bombardment.'

The Danish military understood that their forces were feeble in front of the Third Reich and surrendered to the Nazi soldiers.

 Civilians and innocent people always pay the heaviest price in the fight for peace.'The Bombardment' is directed and written by Ole Bornedal.

The story unfolds in Copenhagen, beginning in 1945, when the war was still all the rage in Europe.

The Royal Air Force, whose main plan was to destroy the Gestapo archives that concealed sensitive information about the resistance, strategized to strike sideways.

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