My Chemical Romance is an American rock band from Newark, New Jersey. The band's current lineup consists of lead vocalist Gerard Way, lead guitarist Ray Toro, rhythm guitarist Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way.

1. Famous Last Words

I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone’. On a personal level, it is a heartfelt love letter, written by Gerard when Mikey had to step away from recording to deal with anxiety issues.

The ‘Thank You For The Venom’ concept existed before they’d even played their first show, where Gerard appeared onstage wearing a shirt bearing the phrase. 

2. Thank You For The Venom

The Black Parade’s lead single had on listeners when it dropped at the end of summer 2006, most of them experiencing it for the first time alongside that unprecedentedly extravagant music video. 

3.Welcome To The Black Parade

The song fits the Demolition Lovers concept – Helena being the lost love whose partner passed away in a car wreck – and the gothic flashmob of the music video lives long in the memory

4. Helena

I’m not okay’ refrain – and the ultra-relatable subject matter of high school disenfranchisement, this was mid-noughties pop-punk painted black and ready to take over the world.

5. I’m Not Okay

A flatlining heart monitor crash cuts into pyrotechnic guitars before an unstoppable chorus asks, ‘Have you heard the news that you’re dead?!

6. Dead!

It’s the most momentous of MCR’s early recordings – and was actually accelerated when played live – but is also one of the most richly-written

7. Our Lady Of Sorrows

Boy Division is actually a balls-out punk song more evocative of their own earlier output than anything committed to record by Ian Curtis and cohorts. 

8. Boy Division

A Molotov cocktail of desperation, anger and regret, This Is How I Disappear was the set opener for much of the Black Parade era with good reason.

9. This Is How I Disappear

The final single of the Danger Days era might come across as a deceptively straightforward alt.rock song on first listen – shimmering and smouldering away like so many others.

10. The Kids From Yesterday 

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