Marvel made a serious run at using streaming TV to do something qualitatively different than what it does on the big screen.

“WandaVision” played with the nature of its reality, and did so using characters familiar from more conventional works.

“WandaVision” looked like a Marvel movie, which is to say professionally made, blunt, and familiar.

It remains, though, as a signal of what Marvel is willing to attempt when it steps beyond its core franchises.

Now the studio steps yet further out with “Moon Knight,” its fifth live-action Disney Plus serie

A huge part of that is owed to Oscar Isaac and to Ethan Hawke, two actors whom the series trusts with edgy material that makes the first “Doctor Strange” look, well, like Doctor Normal.

May Calamawy plays a figure who attempts to bring Spector back into touch with himself, with flickering success.