McCartney deletes Meghan Markle post

Fans were not impressed with Stella McCartney‘s recent choice to highlight Meghan Markle‘s outerwear.

Social media followers left a string of angry comments on a since-deleted post on the UK fashion brand’s

Instagram account showing the 38-year-old royal during Remembrance Day services at the Cenotaph in Westminster on Sunday.

In the photo, the Duchess of Sussex wears a black, wide-brim Stephen Jones wool hat with a black lace dress,

While commenters on the post complimented the royal on her ensemble, many felt it was inappropriate for McCartney

to highlight her apparel on a day meant to pay respect to those who have given their lives to protect their country.

“Remembrance day is to honour those that fought for us not to use for advertising purposes. Pretty shocked,” one follower wrote,

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