Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. 

10. “Like a Virgin”

she followed up with something the world couldn’t ignore: a splashy, synth-y jam called “Like a Virgin,”

9. “Music”

“Music” is one of her most widely celebrated tracks, with a sledgehammer chorus

8. “Holiday”

Madonna’s debut album, “Holiday” is effortlessly joyous

7. “Into the Groove”

“Into the Groove” may have been our first glimpse into the music Madonna would come to be known for

6. “Live to Tell”

Exhibit A: “Live to Tell,” a melodramatic shot of emotion that highlights her signature throaty vocals.

5. “Hung Up”

The track is Europop bliss: pulsating and primal, with a bridge that begs to be shouted from the top of your lungs.

4. “Express Yourself”

Madonna has always been a feminist figure, but that’s presented perhaps most directly on “Express Yourself,”

3. “Ray of Light”

“Ray of Light,” the title track off Madonna’s most acclaimed record to date. 

2. “Vogue”

Two songs are largely viewed as Madonna's most essential. This is one of them

1. “Like a Prayer” 

If “move to the music” sums up Madonna’s discography, then “Like a Prayer” sums up her entire career.

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