Liza Minnelli, who won the lead actress Oscar nearly 50 years ago for her performance in “Cabaret,”

“Oh! It’s so exciting,” Minnelli exclaimed as the two women took the stage to a huge round of applause after Jessica Chastain won lead actress and finished her speech.

“You see that,” Gaga asked as she walked over to where Minnelli sat in a wheelchair. “The public, they love you.”

Minnelli laughed as Gaga called her a legend and acknowledged her 1973 Oscar win for her work in 1972’s “Cabaret.” Then they got down to business.

“We’re gonna see who the nominees are right now,” Gaga said, speaking over Minnelli, who jumped in with, “Oh good!”

When the list was done, Gaga sang to Minnelli, who said, “I’m so happy to be here, and especially with you! I’m your biggest fan.”

Gaga spoke the obligatory words, “And the Oscar goes to.” Then she opened the envelope for Minnelli, who did the important part.