Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, known professionally as Katy Perry, is an American singer, songwriter, and television judge. She is known for her influence on the pop sound and style of the 2010s.

Katy Perry's 6 Best Songs.

6. California Gurls

The bouncy and buoyant “California Gurls” is the perfect table-setter for Perry's Teenage Dream album, which is a total sugar rush from start to finish.

5. Walking on Air

There's an argument to be made that many Katy Perry songs sound the same—especially from 2008 to 2013—but “Walking on Air” is a breath of fresh...well, air.

4. I Kissed a Girl

It'd be wrong not to include the song that skyrocketed Perry's career.

3. Firework

“Firework” is one of many self-empowerment anthems to emerge from pop queens in the 2010s—think “Born This Way” and “We R Who We R”—but there's still something special about it.

2. Hot N Cold

Because Teenage Dream is such a gargantuan album, it's easy to forget the handful of hits Perry had on her previous record, One of the Boys—like “Hot N Cold.”

1. Teenage Dream

Very few pop songs have reached the upper echelons of music royalty. You have “Thriller,” “Like a Prayer,” “…Baby One More Time,” and, yes, “Teenage Dream.”