Katy Perry Divorce Russell Brand

Katy Perry has a tendency to make a flash wherever she goes. Her signature flair has been a part of her career from her early hits like “I Kissed a Girl.” 

From colorful, often whimsical outfits to pop beats and playful lyrics, Perry’s entire public persona is built up around a bubbly image. 

It may come as a surprise to know that some of that bubbly imagery—and perhaps a bit of snark—snuck into a very serious place: her divorce papers. 

Comedian Russell Brand was hosting the MTV Video Music Awards, and when the two met, the chemistry was instant.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand settled their divorce amicably

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have both moved on to other relationships

Brand keeps his personal life under wraps, but we do know that he’s married to Laura Gallacher.

Katy Perry has been in a serious relationship with Orlando Bloom since early 2016.

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