Julia 1.7 expands the multithreading capabilities

By: Anova News

The development team behind the programming language Julia has presented version 1.7. The latest release of the function-oriented language continues the expansion of Julia’s multithreading capabilities, but also offers a number of other innovations.  

Improved multithreading is one of the most important goals that the Julia development team has been working on for several versions. An important milestone was reached with the stabilization of the multithreading APIs in Julia 1.5.  

Work easier with thread

New in version 1.7 is the manifest format, in which the Package Manager (Pkg) records all dependencies in a TOML file as soon as a new package is created. A comprehensive use of the manifests in different Julia versions was previously not advisable, especially since the Package Manager did not issue a warning in the event of potential dependency problems. 

Future-proof manifest format

The new version of the programming language promises, among other things, improvements in type inference and higher performance when working with registries in distributed file systems and under Windows. Julia 1.7 is also the first language version that runs natively on Apple’s M1 systems.  

Performance improvement

Julia is one of the most powerful programming language and giving a neck to neck battle to modern level programming languages as well as Python. It is a futureproof programming language

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