A show like Chicago Fire simply wouldn’t be the same without Kara Killmer. She’s best known for starring as Sylvie Brett in the NBC drama.

Sylvie is a hard-working paramedic who knows how to handle high-pressure situations.

Kara does an amazing job pulling off such an intricate role. Fans of Chicago Fire are curious to know if she’s currently married to anyone and whether or not she’s pregnant.

Kara Kilmer has been married since 2016! Her husband's name is Andrew Cheney.

He keeps his Instagram page private, but Kara's social media is open for the world to see. She holds back from posting romantic shots of her and Andrew, though.

One of the relationships Kara's character is involved in within Chicago Fire is filled with a ton of toxicity.

Kara Killmer is not currently pregnant. The character she plays on Chicago Fire isn’t currently expecting a baby or even facing a pregnancy scare either.

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