The next-gen update for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online is available now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and a potential problem for some players has been resolved just in time for its release.

"The issue blocking GTA Online profile migration of PS4 and Xbox One accounts that were previously migrated to PC has been addressed, and that migration is now working as intended.

It's good to see that this issue was resolved quickly, so that players can enjoy the next-gen upgrade with their original accounts.

On Twitter, many fans reacted with surprise that Rockstar fixed the problem; it originally seemed that this was an intentional move on the part of the developers.

While GTA Online's next-gen upgrade didn't release until this evening, Rockstar allowed players to begin the migration process earlier this month.

Are you excited to check out the next-gen upgrade for GTA V and GTA Online? Are you happy Rockstar got this issue resolved quickly?

Some fans seem to believe that Rockstar changed course on the decision following fan feedback, but it's impossible to say for certain.

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