Grace and Frankie  Season 7

Grace and Frankie Recap: Dolly Parton, Death and New Beginnings in Netflix Comedy's Series Finale — Grade It!

The three entertainers delighted fans when they appeared together at the 2017 Emmy Awards to present an award. 

Grace and Frankie began seven seasons ago with its titular duo staring down the end of their respective marriages and terrified of what comes next. 

Friday’s series finale found them leaning on each other as they looked ahead toward the future. But it didn’t start that way… 

The two friends at first believe that Agnes is God, with Frankie gushing, “You look just like I knew you would!” 

I’d imagine emotions were running high on those final days on set. How tough was it to say goodbye?

Marta Kauffman Breaks Down Emotional ‘Grace & Frankie’ Finale, Dolly Parton’s Role and the Surprising Thing the Show Taught Her

In EW's first look at the final season of Grace and Frankie, co-creator Marta Kauffman said that having Parton on set was "the most awesome day." 

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