Google is celebrating the 171st birth anniversary of inventor Angelo Moriondo, considered the godfather of espresso machines with an artistic doodle.

Moriondo was credited for patenting the earliest known espresso machine in 1884.

The Google doodle, which has been created by Olivia When, features a GIF of the first known espresso machine and has been painted with coffee.

Born on June 6,1851 in Turin, Italy, Angelo Moriondo belonged to a family of entrepreneurs "who never stopped brewing new ideas or projects".

Google said in a note on the extraordinary inventor. Moriondo's grandfather founded a liquor production company which was then managed by his father.

Moriondo also built the popular chocolate company, "Moriondo and Gariglio" with his brother and cousin.

Moriondo's espresso machine was shown at the General Expo of Turin in 1884 and was awarded the bronze medal.

Happy 171st birthday, Angelo Moriondo.

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