Elon Musk says he is a part of BTS ARMY

Elon Musk, the business magnate might have just revealed to be a part of the billions of fans of K-pop super-group BTS.

On June 5, the American-South African-Canadian entrepreneur, investor shared a controversial post on Twitter.

The tweet featured a meme titled “Things I’ll never see in my life”.

He shared this in reference to the infamous billionaire Jeffrey Epstein,

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Replying to his original tweet, Musk acknowledged that it was controversial and may make him enemies.

to which Shibetoshi Nakamoto, creator of Dogecoin replied, suggesting Musk to be careful about what he says regarding BTS.

Soon, Elon Musk replied to Nakamoto, as he possibly revealed that he actually is a fan of BTS and thinks the group’s music videos are fire!

Meanwhile, BTS are gearing up for their 9th anniversary celebration with a comeback album titled, "Proof".

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