Detox Water For Weight Loss

Ingredients: 1. Water. 2. Few Springs of Mint. 3. One Lemon. 4. Half cucumber.

Lemon, Mint and Cucumber Detox Water

Ingredients 1. Two Cups of Ice. 2. 2-3 Dashes of Red chilli. 3. Juice From a Fresh Lemon.

Hot and Tangy Detox Water

Ingredients 1. Four stalks of celery. 2. Two cups of water. 3. One cheesecloth.

Green Power Celery Water

Ingredients 1. 2-3 Dashes of Red Chilli. 2. Three Tablespoons of Organic      Apple Cider Vinegar. 3. Juice from a Fresh Lemon. 4. One Tablespoon of Fresh      Honey.

Sweet and Sour Detox Water

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