With feminist thriller Fresh now streaming on Disney+, Christobel Hastings spoke to its star Daisy Edgar-Jones about the horrors of modern dating

In the era of modern dating, nearly everyone you meet has a horror story to tell. A self-obsessed person, perhaps, who didn’t ask a single question.

A date who tried to buy you dinner with a magazine coupon. A date who got drunk and started sobbing about their ex.

Disney’s twisted new thriller Fresh is a cautionary tale that might just persuade you to swear off dating for good.

Case in point: Chad, a crashingly dull man who Noa has the misfortune of having dinner with in the opening scene.

Noa’s luck appears to take a turn, though, when she meets Steve (Sebastian Stan), a handsome, slightly goofy doctor in the fresh produce aisle of a Portland supermarket.

He offers her cotton candy-flavoured grapes, flashes a charming smile.