BTS' Jungkook left early for LA for some "pre-performance arrangements" as per BIG Hit Music but fans speculate something else and big is brewing.

Trust BTS ARMY to trend every little update about their favourite South K-POP band, the Bangtan Boys.

As per BTS' label BIG HIT Music, Jeon Jungkook left early to oversee some of the arrangements for the performance but they didn't reveal much.

Also that now BTS ad Ariana is handled by the same label after HYBE has taken over Ithaca Holdings, a collab between Jungkook and one of his favourite singers Ariana is possible.

Taking to the internet, BTS fans have flooded the micro-blogging websites with their speculations and theory about Jungkook and Ariana's collab.

Earlier, BTS' Jungkook hit headlines as, during Oscars 2022, Timothee Chalamet's red carpet look was inspired by none other than Jungkook.

If some arrangements were supposed to be checked before the award ceremony shouldn't Namjoon be doing tht,not saying JK isnt capable of doing.