Britney Spears Songs

Private Show

Spears really stretched and played with her voice on her 2016 album, Glory. In some cases, like the song "What You Need," she triumphs, and on others, well...I'll let this track speak for itself.

Chillin' With You

It's nice that Spears featured her sister Jamie Lynn on "Chillin' With You," but the song itself is a bit underwhelming.

Tik Tik Boom

Tik Tik Boom" is catchy, sure, but Spears's voice is practically indiscernible in it, and the lyrics in T.I.'s verse are inexcusable.

Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls is, sadly, just a lukewarm attempt at recreating Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's song Problem.

It Should Be Easy

That same note applies to "It Should Be Easy," which turns BritBrit into a robot and features an EDM breakdown that sounds dated upon delivery.

Big Fat Bass

Vocal manipulation isn't necessarily a negative quality in Spears's music  not if it's used to creatively enhance a song.

Mmm Papi

Mmm Papi," Spears's attempt at sixties twang, falls flat due to its lackluster chorus.

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