gossiping about which rich young men will woo which comely young ladies at this year’s social events

so it is for a hit TV show on its return, tasked with providing the same thing, but different. The writers of Bridgerton

Netflix’s period drama smash, enjoy some knowing puns as their characters spend episode one of the second run wondering what this “new season” will hold.

We’re also left short of equivalents to the celebrated season-one sex scenes, which, apart from being unusually explicit for the genre and notably focused on the female experience,

It’s still amusing to notice that the string section in the background is playing cover versions of You Oughta Know,

As Eloise, Claudia Jessie remains the funniest presence in a show that could use a dash more outright comedy and a bit less arch sass.

In the closing scene, as the players gather for lawn fireworks to celebrate another set of loose ends neatly tied,