The film, about a hearing teen in a Deaf family, showcases how sign language can be visual poetry -- as raunchy as a limerick, as sublime as a sonnet.

This article, originally published in August, has been updated to reflect CODA's Oscar wins Sunday. 

Oscar-winner Troy Kotsur, one of the stars of Apple's movie CODA, is known as a great signer. Your first glimpse may be when he sets his nuts on fire.

CODA's Oscar wins Sunday -- for Kotsur's performance, best picture and adapted screenplay -- top a stack of superlatives.

Apple bought the film for its Apple TV Plus service for a record $25 million at the Sundance Film Festival last year.

CODA's also hailed as a watershed moment for Deaf representation.

The movie -- a coming-of-age dramedy about a Deaf family whose hearing daughter aspires to sing at Berklee College of Music -- features three main characters who are deaf.

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