Water retention, also known as fluid retention or edema, occurs when excess fluids build up in your body.

Here Are a few Ways To Reduce Water Retention.

1. Eat less salt

Sodium binds to water in your body and helps maintain the balance of fluids both inside and outside your cells.

2. Increase your magnesium intake

Increasing your magnesium intake may help reduce water retention.

3. Get more vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a central role in red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, brain function, and immune health

4. Eat more potassium-rich foods

Potassium serves several important functions, especially regarding heart health, muscle contractions, and nerve function.

5. Try dandelion

Natural diuretics may help reduce water retention by increasing urine production.

6. Limit your refined carb intake

High insulin levels may cause more sodium retention by increasing the reabsorption of this mineral in your kidneys.

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