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3 Best Resume Format for Freshers with Templates



Resume format for freshers

Are you a fresher who is applying for the first time for a job? If you are applying for a job, remember that the first impression is the last impression. In a job, a resume is the first impression. You need a complete resume format for freshers to make your first impression good. 

A CV or Resume is a golden ticket. This ticket can make or break your image in front of recruiters. A resume or CV is a quick glance at your biodata which can decide your position in the job. 

There are many resume makers and resume maker software available in this digital world. But, how can you write a resume if you don’t have any experience? 

Don’t worry, and it’s not as difficult as it seems at first. Plus, you’re in the right blog to learn everything about resume format for freshers. 

Look, the first step is more important than other steps. But, The first step into the job world is not easy. There are many ups-downs in this world. If you don’t need ups and downs in the field, you need to make a job-winning resume to make yourself in a stable position. 

In this blog post, you will learn: 

What is a Resume? 

What is a CV? 

What are the common resume formats with Pros and Cons?

What is a Resume? 

If you are applying for a job, you need to feature your experience, qualifications and contact information. The resume is a document that a job application creates to show their interest in a job position. Most American job coaches recommend that a resume should be one or two pages. It represents your Skills, Education, Experience, and it gives a brief introduction about yourself. 

What to include on a resume? 

There are many things which you should write in your resume. Below are some of the important things which you should consider in your resume. 

  • It would help you include your Job Title and contact information on your resume. 
  • You should include a resume summary or resume objective. 
  • Include your work experience in the resume. 
  • It would help you include every skill on your resume. 
  • Include your additional things like Hobby, Interests, Licenses, certificates, Resume publications, Awards and courses. 

What is a CV? 

The full form of the CV is Curriculum Vitae. It is a longer document of two to three pages but can be laid down into 20+ pages if required. It is an in-depth document that describes your whole career.

 A Curriculum Vitae (CV) describes your details about achievements, education, professional career, publications, awards, honours and many other accomplishments. 

In foreign countries, the USA and Canada, CV is used for academic jobs, grants and research, etc. 

What should you include in a Curriculum Vitae (CV)? 

Curriculum vitae is a very long form of the document, so you should know about what to include in it. Below are some of the things you should include in your CV. 

  • It would help you include your contact information on your Curriculum vitae. 
  • The second thing you should include in your cv is your Research objective or personal statement. 
  • Include your complete education. 
  • You should include Professional Academic Appointments in your Curriculum vitae. 
  • It would help you include your books in your CV. 
  • Include every book chapter. 
  • You should include Peer-Reviewed Publications on your Curriculum vitae. 
  • It would help you include your other publications. 
  • Include your every rewards and honors. 
  • You should include your grants and fellowships. 
  • It would help you include conferences in the Curriculum vitae. 
  • Include your teaching experience. 
  • It would help you include Research Experience in your curriculum vitae. 
  • You should include your Non-Academic activities. 
  • Include what languages you can speak and what skills do you have. 
  • Include your memberships and references in your curriculum vitae. 

What are the common resume formats with Pros and Cons?

There are mainly three resume formats. You will get an idea about the resume format for freshers as well. The three resume formats are mentioned below: 

1. Reverse-chronological Resume format

3 Best Resume Format for Freshers with Templates Reverse chronological Resume Format

 The reverse-chronological resume format is a very common and practical resume format. As its name says, in this format, you list your works experience, education and skills in reverse-chronological order. 


Recruiters and HR managers like this format. 

It is a very easy to read format.

This format is very easy to skim. 

This format is the most popular format of 2022.


This format is not for beginners; only advanced people who have created resumes can use this format. It is hard to fill this resume. 

If you are a career changer, this format is not for you because it makes career gaps very obvious. 

What to include in Reverse-chronological Format? 

Include the below points in your resume to make it look great. 

  • Contact Information: This is very important to include your contact details in this resume format. Include your name,   phone number, location and email address so if you have been selected for a job recruiter can reach you out.
  • Objective: Add about 2-3 lines of your aim for the given position of the job. 
  • Professional Title: At this point, you have to write the exact position you are applying for. 
  • Work Experience: Add your previous work experience to your resume so the recruiter can build trust in you and hire you. 
  • Skills: Add the relevant skills to the job position you are applying for. 
  • Education: In this section, you must add your complete educational history. For example, if you did B.A consider skipping your higher education history. 
  • Add Other Sections: At last, add some other things about you like your interests, hobbies, etc. So that recruiter can know more about you. 

2. Functional Resume Format

3 Best Resume Format for Freshers with Templates 2nd Resume Format

Most of the people know this resume as a skill-based resume. This resume format focuses more on your skills, not on your work experience. This makes the format different from other formats. 

Pros of Functional resume format:

It is a good format to highlight your specific skills. 

If you are switching your career, this format will help you to explain to the recruiter how the past skills can help in your company. 

This format is also useful if you recently graduated with practical skills and didn’t have any work experience.


This format is a new format, and most of the recruiters and HR managers are not familiar with it. It is not popular in 2022.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) faces difficulties reading this format. 

What should you include in this format? 

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Professional Title 
  • Summary of Skills
  • Additional skills

3. Combination or Hybrid Format

3 Best Resume Format for Freshers with Templates Combination Resume Format

As its name says, it is the combination of two formats which are functional and reverse-chronological format. This format focuses on both skills and work experience. 

Pros of Combination format

This format helps you show off your both talents in skills and work. This format takes very little space. 

This format is very useful for people who wants more than their work experience. 


This format is not suitable for recent graduates and for people who don’t have experience in work. 

Applicant tracking systems cannot read this format. 

What to include in a combination resume format? 

  • Contact Information. 
  • Skill summary. 
  • Additional skills. 
  • Education. 
  • Work Experience. 

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So this was a blog about resume format for freshers. We covered all formats with you now; it depends on your requirements to choose your resume format for freshers. We recommend you should go with a reverse-chronological resume format because it supports applicant tracking systems and is also popular in 2022.

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