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Top 5 Oldest and Most Prestigious Fashion Magazines in the World



prestigious fashion magazines

Fashion is one of the fields that are always top of mind globally and has never shown any signs of slowing down. When it comes to fashion, we cannot ignore magazines from decades to the present. Let’s take a look at the top 5 oldest and most prestigious fashion magazines in the world below.


First appearing in the US in 1892, Vogue is known as one of the leading multi-year fashion newspapers globally. In this year, Arthur Turnure built a weekly edition of Vogue in the US, until 1905, a year before Arthur’s death, Condé Montrose Nast bought Vogue and turned it into a magazine, issuing a biweekly issue. . In 1919 he visited Prestigious Fashion Magazines England for the first time and decided to create an edition of British Vogue and then French Vogue in 1920.

In 1988, Anna Wintour became the new editor-in-chief of American Vogue. From here, a new revolution in fashion has been opened. Anna broke all standards of a fashion magazine.

Anna Wintour is considered one of the most powerful women in fashion and as of 2013, Vogue is also an interesting magazine with 11 million readers in the US and 12.5 million readers globally.

Currently, Vogue is a fashion and style magazine that is published every day with 1 issue/month in 18 kingdoms, including UK, Japan, Italy,…

Harper’s Bazaar

This was the first fashion magazine in America, appearing in 1867 under the common name Harper’s Bazar. The editor at that time was Mary Louise Prestigious Fashion Magazines Booth with the same team of excellent designers, stylists, photographers….

In 1913, Harper’s Bazaar was bought by the large Hearst corporation, operating in the US, the newspaper affiliated to The National magazine company while operating in England.

Considered one of the leading global fashion magazines, with over 35 editions in the same 4 different languages ​​across 100 kingdoms.


Elle is the name of a fashion magazine published in many parts of the world, founded in 1945 by a Frenchman – Pierre Lazareff, and his wife, Hélène Gordon. Although this is not an early publication, It has become the world’s best-selling fashion magazine with content covering fashion trends, health and beauty care, relationships, celebrities, and more.

The first international version of Elle was released in 1969 in Japan. Currently, the magazine has 43 different editions in 60 countries along with 33 websites belonging to different countries. There are 49 million readers worldwide, ages 18-49. Websites always do their job well, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons of fashion products offered, attracting a lot of people to read and buy.


Grazia is an Italian women’s magazine. First appeared in November 1938, edited by Mondadori. The magazine includes a lot of different content such as cooking, raising children, … and of course fashion trends. Operating up to now for 78 years, Prestigious Fashion Magazines Grazia has many international versions in many different kingdoms such as England, Germany, Korea, …

Grazia is home to the biggest stories and news of the week as they happen, fashion smart shopping, Latest Trends from the runways, red carpets, and streets. With a creative and agile approach and information provision, Grazia increasingly asserts my position. As of 1984, the magazine has published 374,213 thousand publications.


Glamor was released in 1939 by Codé Nast Publications, originally titled “Glamour of Hollywood”. August 1943 renamed Glamor, editor in chief is now Cynthia Live.

With over 1 million 400 thousand readers in the Prestigious Fashion Magazines US and more than 988 thousand readers worldwide, the magazine is also published in many countries. Glamor was the first Prestigious Fashion Magazines magazine to feature an African-American ( Katiti Kironde ) cover model in the August 1968 issue.

Every fall, Glamor often holds an awards ceremony Prestigious Fashion Magazines honoring women of the world called “Glamour Woman of the World”. This is a very prestigious and highly anticipated reward.

Other Famous Fashion Magazines


Winning monthly magazine for women InStyle was built in 1994 in America by Time Inc . This is considered one of the first magazines to use images of music artists and actors as cover photos in addition to using photo models.

In 2012, Ariel Foxman became the editor-in-chief of InStyle, known as the newspaper’s first male editor when he joined InStyle in 1999 at the age of 25.

Although the release time is quite late compared to other newspapers, InStyle is still very well received and has a very solid role in the US. Currently, InStyle magazine has published in 17 different countries, in the US alone has published more than 1 million publications (as of 2013).

Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a French women’s magazine founded in 1937 by Jean Prouvos and Marcelle Auclair. In 1976, when Provos died, his daughter Évelyne Prestigious Fashion Magazines merged the newspaper into the company’s L’Oréal group. The content of the magazine also deals with beauty issues, daily trends around the globe.

Currently, Marie Claire is released in 36 different kingdoms, including UK, USA, Korea, Japan,… Of which 969,965 copies have been released in the US so far.


Fashion magazines are ideal places for brands to promote their products as well as buyers to view and learn about fashion products, along with promotions Prestigious Fashion Magazines and discounts. If you are a fashionista, the above magazines will definitely not disappoint you. Choose a magazine that is really suitable for you.

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