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MBA Chai Wala: A Detailed Biography About Him



MBA chai wala

Have you ever dreamed that you could sell chai and make millions? There comes MBA chai wala, who is doing the same thing and living a good lifestyle. Making chai is easy but maintaining the special and same taste is not easy. MBA chai wala is now a brand, and in this business, they sell tea; the owner of MBA chai wala is Prafull Billore, who owns and maintain the business. 

Prafull Billore is popular as an MBA chai wala. The meaning of MBA is Mr Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala. It is a tea business chain. The age of Prafull Billore is 25 years old, and at the age of 25, he is making millions and creating inspiration for our youths. The life of Prafull Billore is not easy. In the past years, he has faced struggles and discomforts in his life, which is why he is so successful in this chapter of life. 

This Prafull Billore’s business is located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India and has many franchises all over India. The company is based on a chain marketing or franchise business model. Keep reading this blog post, and we will discuss every detail about Entrepreneur Prafull Billore, Age, Height, MBA chai wala income, MBA chai wala net worth, MBA chai wala franchise cost, MBA chai wala turn over and detailed biography about him. 

Quick Details about Prafull Billore

Owner name of MBA chai walaPrafull Billore
Father Name Unknown
Mother NameUnknown
Full-Form of MBA chai wala Mr Billore Ahmedabad chai wala
Date of Birth of Prafull Billore14 January 1996
Age of Prafull Billore in 2021 25 years
The religion of MBA chai walaHindu
Nationality of Prafull BilloreIndian
Birth Place of MBA chai walaVillage Dhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Where is MBA chai walaPrafull Billore is currently living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Qualifications and Education of Prafull BilloreHe did B.Com and dropped his MBA.

MBA chai wala Biography | Prafull Billore Million chai wala Age, Height, Networth and Girlfriend 

Prafull Billore, knowns as MBA chai wala, was born on 14 January 1996. He was born in Village Dhar, which is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. From childhood Prafull Billore was hardworking and a good learner who wanted to learn something new every day. Because of this behaviour, the parents of MBA chai wala supported him to do MBA because MBA can give him an excellent job so that he can make a good living. 

Prafull Billore did hard work of 3 years to get admission in Ahmedabad to do his MBA. He prepared himself to clear the CAT (Common Admission Test). But, he cannot pass the exam and feels sad. After that, he left his plan for the CAT exam and started thinking of a new business idea. 

From this incident, the good time of Prafull Billore was started, and Prafull knows that this was not the end of time. It is the time to start something new and learn about business. 

The Success Story of MBA chai wala (Prafull Billore) 

Here comes the success story of MBA chai wala. 

When MBA chai wala could not pass the exam of CAT (Common Admission Test), he told his father that he wouldn’t want to continue his studies. 

After some days, he started exploring different cities like Haryana, Banglore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, and Ahmedabad. He has no money to explore these cities, so he thought I could travel without money with the help of a lift. He visited many towns with the use of rides, and he made a lot of friends in the cities where he arranged the food and sleep requirements. 

At last, he was so obsessed with the city called Ahmedabad because he found that this is the only city of businessmen. The main reason he liked the city was the equality of people. If he saw a person with an Audi Car, he would drink tea in a stall, not in a Hotel. This thing hit his mind, and he started living in Ahmedabad. 

Before this, he started doing a job in Mac Donalds at 35 rupees per hour; that was the time when he explored new things. This life experience helped him in his business, and he got the success of MBA chai wala. 

But he didn’t have money. Then he started a tea stall and started working on the rule of Dream Big, Small Start and Act Now. He doesn’t have a 10 to 15 Lacs budget to create a beautiful cafe or shop, and he began with Small Stall. 

He used the money his parents gave him for his studies and invested in the tea stall. The stall took three weeks because he had to find the right place for his stall and had to arrange utensils. That’s is the story of Prafull Billore. 

Prafull Billore (MBA chai wala) Date of Birth, Age

MBA chai wala was born on 14 January 1996 in Madhya Pradesh, India. According to the year 2022, he is 26 years old. The age is deficient compared to his business mind. 

Prafull Billore (MBA chai wala) Height and Weight

When the MBA chai wala business got successful, the people wanted to know about the company’s CEO, Prafull Billore. The height of Prafull Billore is 5 Feet and 10 Inches, and the weight of Prafull Billore is approx 63 Kilograms. 

Prafull Billore (MBA chai wala) Family

As you know, Prafull is a businessman. He built a successful business at the age of 25, which is not easy. MBA chai wala don’t want to reveal about his family. We will update you if we get any information about his family, so stay tuned for that. 

Prafull Billore (MBA chai wala) Girlfriend and Wife

When Prafull Billore goes viral for his business called MBA chai wala. Most of the people, especially boys, wants to know about their Wife or Girlfriend. We are telling you that Prafull Billore is not married yet, and he didn’t share any details about his girlfriend. We will update you with this as soon as possible. 

Prafull Billore (MBA chai wala) Franchise cost

As we told you, the MBA chai wala business is based on the Franchise model. The franchise model is where you have to pay an amount to open a shop of a particular brand like Mac Donalds is also works on the Franchise model. 

The franchise of MBA chai wala is Customisable. You have to pay approx 10 Lacs rupees for the MBA chai wala franchise. 

MBA chai wala Contact Number

If you want the franchise of MBA chai wala, you can visit the website and get his contact number and email address, share your details with his team. 

FAQs about MBA chai wala

How much is the income of MBA chai wala? 

The income of MBA chai wala is 3 Crore rupees annual in the year 2020.

What is the networth of MBA chai wala? 

MBA chai wala networth is 3 Crore rupees. 

How much is the turnover of MBA chai wala? 

MBA chai wala has a turnover of 4 Crore rupees in 2021.

How many franchises does MBA chai wala have? 

He has over 50+ Franchises across India and is also thinking about opening his stalls in foreign countries. 

The Final Words

So, this was the blog about MBA chai wala. We tried to give you as many as details we can and hope you enjoyed his story. This story gives you the motivation to start your business and live a boss free life.

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