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Best Podcast About Influencer Marketing and Content Creation



Best Podcast About Influencer Marketing

In recent years, there has been a vast increase in the popularity of podcasts. A Best Podcast About Influencer Marketing is a type of radio talk on-demand, often consisting of a debate between a guest and a speaker. We usually mean a compilation of episodes Marketing and Content Creation when we talk about a podcast, much like a tv program, but without the videos. In nearly any subject possible, you can find podcasts, so it is no wonder that there are quite a few advertising Podcasts, many of which have some connection with online advertising.

Many podcasts are free and, especially on a smartphone, are easily accessible. You can install podcasts from iTunes and enjoy them on your iPhone or iPad’s Podcast application if you are an Apple user. For Android devices, the best way to stream podcasts is via the Stitcher app. If you like, you can install Stitcher for both Windows and iOS. For Android, there are many other podcasting applications available too. To know more about the best Podcast About Influencer Marketing and Content Creation continue reading this article.

Top Best Podcast About Influencer Marketing and Content Creation

There are many Podcasts available but in this list, we have mentioned only some. So Here’s my top list of the best podcasts About Influencer Marketing and Content Creation:

Blogosphere Podcast

I know the Blogosphere team personally from some previous work we have done together (yet, do not be fooled, I am not sure). This podcast is perhaps the one that, among all, Marketing and Content Creation truly speaks about influencer marketing and content creation. It has a whole roster of visitors who manage or work in different agencies, as well as influencers and visitors who are less industry-based.

      2. The Podcast for the Influencer 

This Julie Solomon podcast may have a potentially different name. Influencers, and not only what we term “content creators,” can also be seen as pioneers and company owners. Nevertheless, as well as solo episodes, the podcast features a wide selection of guests.

     3. Authentic Hashtag 

This is not branded as a podcast for influencer marketing, but the host is a very well Instagrammer, navigating diverse subjects and strongly highlighting the subject of influence and online content creation. Sara Tasker is a wonderful host too, who helps define a podcast, as we know. 

      4. TBP Talks    

If I had not been asked to be a visitor there, I would not have come across this podcast. I am extremely grateful to have done so. Once again, this podcast has much Marketing and Content Creation more diversity than most, but the producers are also the main visitors. In terms of frequency, it is a bit erratic, which is the only drawback.

      5. Company Influencer 

This is simply, by influencers, a podcast for marketers. Nothing is wrong with that, but the podcast lacks the bite and depth that the others provide on the list. Due to its importance in the plan, than anything else, I am including it here. I still feel it relies more on upon and guest’s “fame,” rather than providing a simple story. 

       6. LiketoKnowIt: Radio Influencer 

Like to Know It, the immensely well-known partner network, released the millennial-pink podcast in order to concentrate primarily on influencers. Many influencers are not in my area of concern, but for most advertisers and influencers alike, I think that the interviews are really important. Not my first choice (but again, we all know that I’m a geek); I prefer to listen to chosen shows, though.

       7. Duct Tape Marketing 

Duct Tape Marketing is a weekly themed show in which John Jantsch discusses the marketing subject of the day with opinion leaders, business insiders, writers, and others. Each section lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, but packs in ample wisdom to last you for months, if not years. 

Internet marketing specialist Justin Sturges extrapolates some of the ways your brand is described by a website in one episode. He offers a custom home-building business as an example. Probably, the website could meet two high-level aims simultaneously:

Position its distinctive ideology and beliefs on what it does (we could call this a form of branding). 

Helping to answer questions typed into search bars by real users with specially-designed landing page versions, blog posts, blogs, infographics, and other original material.

     8. HBR IdeaCast

Also known as Harvard Business Review. But do you know that there is a stellar business promotion podcast for the Ivy-League journal that you can probably listen to? And that Marketing and Content Creation they were really asking Bill Clinton on the show about his latest novel? 

In 20-minute-long episodes, HBR IdeaCast explores general industry and advertising developments, during which Sara Green selects some of the sharpest, most imaginative minds in business and marketing.


We hope that the information about the Best Podcast About Influencer Marketing and Content Creation is enough for you. If we missed something please let us know through the comment section. 

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