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Java vs C | Which Is Most Secure Programming Language



Java vs C

Java and C are two of the most popular programming languages.

 Java Vs C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in 1972. C was developed as a successor of the B programming language. It provides the features of both high-level languages and low-level languages that’s why it is called a middle-level programming language moreover it is a procedural language as instructions are written in a sequence and a top-down approach is followed. It is the only programming language that is that much old and is still in high demand. Unix kernel was the first kernel that was implemented using C. C18 is the latest standard of C.

Java programming language was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is a high-level programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language.

Why C Is So Popular?

There are many reasons behind the popularity of the C language.

  1. First and the foremost reason is that it is used to form base in programming. Usually everyone who wants to learn coding starts their journey with C. C is considered as the producer of every other high level language.
  2. C is easy to learn and understand.
  3. Kernels of operating systems are developed mostly in C. Microsoft Windows, Linux, MAC etc runs on Kernels developed using C.
  4. C is a portable language. Programs written in one platform gives same output in other platforms.
  5. New programming languages can be created using C.
  6. C is a middle level language that’s why it is faster than high level languages.

Why Java Is So Popular?

Java was developed in 1995 and is still in high demand. Some of the reasons for its popularity are as follows

  1. Java is purely Object Oriented language. It provides features like encapsulation, inheritance, Polymorphism.
  2. Java is a Platform independent language. Programs written in one platform can be run on other platforms if java runtime environment (JRE) installed on them.
  3. Java is used in the development of desktop apps, mobile apps and web apps which makes it a versatile language.
  4. Java is easy to understand, it’s English like structure makes it very readable and uncomplicated.

Which Is More Secure Java vs C?

Java vs C both are most used programming languages. If someone has to choose a language which is more secure than the other among these two than He will choose Java language because

  1. In Java, pointers are not supported. With the help of Pointers anyone can easily access the data which is a big security threat.
  2. Exception Handling is a great feature of Java. It helps the program to deal with runtime errors.
  3. Programs written in Java are first converted into byte code by JDK and then executed by JRE. If there is some virus in byte code than JDK will not execute it which provides a layer of security.

Java vs C Main Differences

C Programming LanguageJava Programming Language
C is a Procedural Language.Java is an Object Oriented programming language.
It follows Top Down approach.It follows Bottom Up approach.
It uses Compiler.It uses Interpreter.
It supports Pointers.It do not support Pointers.
Garbage collection managed manually.Garbage collection managed automatically.
It supports Call by value and Call by reference.Only Call by value is supported.
It is a middle level programming languageIt is a high level programming
Memory allocation is performed with malloc keyword.Memory allocation is performed with new keyword.

Features of C language

  • It is a procedural language. Programs can be broken into smaller function which helps in writing a neat code with code reusability.
  • Portability is the major feature of C language.
  • There are 32 keywords in C language.
  • Syntax of C language is easy to understand.
  • C supports 7 primitive data types.
  • Execution of C program is fast.
  • It is a case sensitive language. It considers lowercase letters and uppercase letters different.

Features of Java language

  • Java is Object Oriented Language.
  • Java supports 8 primitive data types.
  • There are 52 keywords in Java language.
  • Robustness
  • Java is an interpreted language.
  • Java is a case sensitive language.
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