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Which are The Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi and Their Fees Structure?



Abu Dhabi, a city that gained international fame for its fast-paced development in the economic, technological, and educational sectors is home to many schools of Indian Origin. Schools like Abu Dhabi Indian School, Global Indian International School (GIIS) – Abu Dhabi, etc. till today prove to be instituted with unconventional frameworks that have managed to put their names on the world map.

These schools meticulously craft their own teaching methods in accordance with the needs of today’s world. These updated methods are better designed to suit the minds and curiosity of modern students, leading them to a direction of proficiency and success. Abu Dhabi Schools that do not follow convention can recreate a home-like atmosphere in their classes with the help of their teachers and other staff. This atmosphere will help your little one to flourish academically with ease and joy.

Parents at times are sceptical about sending their children to international schools. They often worry about the foreign atmosphere that goes around in the corridors of Abu Dhabi of international schools and whether their little ones would be able to adapt to such an environment.

Schools of international origin work towards eradicating this problem by offering students multiple curriculums to choose from. This helps the students pick out subjects of interest, hence creating a comfortable learning environment in the classrooms.

With such an arsenal of facilities at their expense, parents often wonder about the affordability of these schools. Education is and should never be about monetary values. Good education should never be confused with an expensive education. Such is the motto of the world’s best international schools, some of which you can find in Abu Dhabi. These schools structure their fee policies keeping the economic comfort of parents in mind.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Fees

GIIS Abu Dhabi is an international school that provides world-class education to its students. In Abu Dhabi, Indian school fees can seem exorbitant for some parents, but with its affordable fee structure, the Global Indian International School in Abu Dhabi is known to provide an environment of comfort to its students and to their parents. The school provides a 3 term plan, where parents can pay their offspring’s fees in 3 instalments.

The fees can also be paid in a lump sum if parents find that mode of payment more convenient. An entire year of schooling in GIIS Abu Dhabi can cost from AED 10,000 TO AED 11,000; depending upon the year of schooling. 

International schools are also known to provide scholarships to exemplary students. With scholarships like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship in existence, students can be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Such initiatives taken up by schools, not only ease off the load on their parent’s wallets but also give them confidence Abu Dhabi and support for their future endeavours. 

Even without scholarships, these schools never fail to prove their worth. They follow unconventional, futuristic frameworks that make learning a joyous activity for the students. Students learn efficiently when education does not feel like a task to them. 

Schools in Abu Dhabi and Their Advanced Frameworks

These schools have come with special frameworks to assist students in a better future. These frameworks are known to make use of the most modern technological advancements in their curriculum, using the latest devices and computers to boost every student’s creativity.  In such an environment, every student can familiarise themselves with the latest software, programming languages, etc. This skill helps them grasp a seat in some of the top Abu Dhabi universities of the world. 

Apart from modern technology, these frameworks emphasize the role of teachers in education. All the teachers in these schools are chosen with utmost care. They are well experienced in their respective fields and bring to the class air of confidence. Such teachers are easily able to draw the attention of the students towards their subjects and can help them master their textbooks and worksheets.

Certain frameworks also offer certain programs to students and parents. For example, The 9GEMS framework offered by GIIS schools around the globe offers a bridging program for its preschool students. Under this program, parents can choose when to start sending Abu Dhabi their young ones to school. The teachers would help any student who joins after the commencement of a school term so that he/she is quickly able to catch up with her peers.


With the help of these programs, next Gen campuses, and a team of hardworking teachers, these schools manage to get the best possible results for their students. These schools focus on turning your loved ones into fine individuals. With the intense care provided by international schools, parents feel comfortable sending their children to these schools. Along With affordable fee structures and scholarship programs, these schools try to make quality education more accessible for anyone who wishes to learn. 

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