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What is Marketing Planning, and 8 Major Importance of Marketing Planning in any Organisation?



What is Marketing Planning, and 8 Major Importance of Marketing Planning in any Organisation? marketing planning

In this article, we will define the importance of marketing planning. Every business needs marketing planning. It doesn’t matter if how you work alone or in a big corporation with many employees.

With the help of marketing planning, a company knows how to meet its goals. It can be hard to do marketing planning because it involves a lot of knowledge and understanding of a business. You must develop and set the marketing strategies and plan to build a company with purpose.

If you have a well-designed marketing plan, it will affect promotions and reach your targeted customers with the help of advertising.

While creating a marketing strategy for a company, you should keep some basic elements in mind. The main purpose of marketing planning is to coordinate the company’s goals and define the target market and marketing mix

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8 Importance of Marketing Planning

The following points show the importance of marketing planning in a business.

  1. Create measurable business goals
  2. Provides consistency
  3. To stick with your budget
  4. Provides better service to your customers
  5. It gives your company a reality check 
  6. It serves as an excellent motivator for the team.
  7. It can make you proactive.
  8.  A plan is the main element to getting more investors. 

1) Create measurable business goals:

When you set up a business, you are very clear about business goals. You can improve your sales and business performance throughout the year. On the other hand, if you don’t have a clear target, you are a failure in achieving your marketing goals.

2) Provides consistency:

Consistency in business is more important than we imagine. Consistency allows us to build awareness, and trust, differentiate your brand and strengthen frequency. We need consistency immediately for the start of work. Marketing planning helps us to provide proper consistency.

3) To stick with your budget:  

Every business has to finalize a budget plan for how much you spend over a specific period. All costs associated with marketing are considered to finalise the budget, such as paid ads, hiring costs, and more. With the help of budgeting, we can keep track of finances. 

4) Provide service to your customers:

Who can take your products? (The Customers) 

The customers are the only reason we exist in the company. We are here to provide goods and services to customers. That’s why we said customer service is essential to growing and succeeding. We need to attract the right customers with targeted messages and solutions. We do this with marketing planning.

5) It gives your company a reality check:

Businesses have many works to do. They have many goals and objectives to achieve to succeed in a business. Sometimes we don’t know what to do first; the importance of marketing planning is needed to guide us.

6) It serves as an excellent motivator team:

When we started our business, we had various things for marketing per day. When our employees know the marketing strategies and the importance of marketing planning, then employees can achieve goals and make our company more successful. 

7) It can make you proactive:

A team with marketing planning is proactive. Marketing plans deal with them when the problem occurs. They can solve issues without wasting time because they have already prepared for everything. 

8) A plan is the main element to getting more investors:

To grow in business, you need to invest more capital. There are various marketing strategies where we support money. If a company has a good marketing plan, many investors are interested in investing in our company which is too helpful for us.

Above, we discuss the importance of marketing planning.

Benefits of marketing planning 

  1. A marketing planner promotes successful marketing operations.
  2. Market planning helps coordinate activities and communication.
  3. Resources can be better balanced in marketing planning.
  4. Marketing planning minimizes the risk of failure.
  5. Planning avoids incorrect actions and reduces the frequency of failure.
  6. Marketing planning gives satisfaction to the customers.


Marketing planning organizes, executes, and tracks marketing strategies to achieve the goals and objectives of our business. Marketing planning can have different marketing strategies for various marketing companies. The main purpose of marketing planning is to contain more than one marketing strategy. In marketing planning, we have to target our customers and their needs.

Marketing planning describes a business’s important aspects like goals, budgets, values, and strategies. The marketing planning outlines the activities monthly, quarterly, and annually. Various marketing plans vary. So, we can say that importance of marketing planning is needed everywhere.

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