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E commerce SEO_ How To Write Meta Descriptions That Make Shoppers Click



meta descriptions

A meta descriptions is all about telling your customers the main reasons to choose you over the competitors and why they should visit your site instead of the competitors. It is evident that pages that rank up have the highest click-through rates (CTRs) and happen to make the most engaging and compelling elevator pitches to the audiences.  

In order to understand your customers, you can look at the way you are reacting towards descriptions and ads and apply the same to your content. For optimum results, get the most out of Brainvire ecommerce SEO services image. 

What is a Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are snippets of information that provide an explanation about the specific pages. These are a kind of organic ad copy that is applicable for every page on your site and is reactive to each of the search queries that is being used.

Captivating meta descriptions are an essential part of SEO as it helps in drawing the customers to your website organically and not through advertisements that are costly.

For instance, if you search for ‘plant’ on Google, you will be shown a search engine results page or SERP for a particular query. Moreover, you will also be shown a clickable blue headline text which is also known as a title tag. 

Right below the title tag, you will get to see a short Meta Descriptions paragraph that contains descriptive information related to the page that you may or may not click on which is also known as meta description.

It has been stated by the search engines that meta descriptions do not affect the page ranking in the search results page, the Click-through rate is responsible for that.

More people seeing your page in the SERP will help in deciding whether your page is worth clicking on and will impact your CTR and will indirectly take you to the results page. 

Moreover, it is not just about the search engines, the meta description also shows up in social shares and several social bookmarking sites such as Pocket and Mix.

Meta descriptions are an essential part of the digital billboard for any eCommerce store and can make a huge difference in your sales.

Tips to write meta descriptions

In order to write a meta description that will garner attention, you need to keep a few things in mind which are as follows: 

Always keep the length in mind

Make sure that the meta descriptions are up to 160 characters and this is the character length that will be shown in the description.

When the description hits a certain limit, you need to make sure that it gets cut off with an ellipsis. 

Your focus should be summarizing the page that is in the Meta Descriptions question. Moreover, always use 160 characters and a compelling copy to ace at the description.

Make sure you do proper keyword research

It is important to note that not all search queries are equal.

Some of the services use a vast number of keywords that people might use to find them but most of them will be used by the people. One of the best things about Google Search is that the search query will be used by SERP.

With the help of keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planners, and so on, you can always find out the most searched keywords catering to your purpose.

Also, by adding these keywords in the meta descriptions, you can always make sure that they appear prominently in the search results.

Always target the most important pages first

Start updating with the homepage and then move on to tackling the product pages. In addition, the meta description present on the homepage should contain Meta Descriptions information related to your brand, along with the product page descriptions that should be specific and detailed.

Another thing that you need to do is to outline the features and benefits of the product and explain the reasons how you will be benefited from them and will be able to solve a lot of problems.

Every product and page is unique and it is necessary to make sure that descriptions are also the same. Avoid duplicating the meta descriptions as that would not be helpful to you.

Make sure that your brand has a personality

Your brand should come out as interesting and unique. Moreover, this is probably the first encounter that a potential customer tends to have with your brand.

You need to figure out how your brand can stand out among other Meta Descriptions that are trying to grab attention.

Follow these tips and you will surely be able to write meta descriptions that will make the shoppers click on your website or ads.

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