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Quick Guide: How To Write A Good Content?




Do you know how to write a good content? 

No, don’t worry, I am telling you.

Good content must include answering the questions according to your audience. And it includes attractive, neutral, and useful content. There is no plagiarism in our content. Good content also includes meta, title, meta description, H1, H2, H3, and the placements of keywords in better places. In content use your voice, fonts, colors, and styles. Set goals for your content. Here are some steps to writing z good content.  

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is a process of planning, editing, writing, and publishing content in a digital format. It includes writing blog posts, videos, podcasts, product category descriptions, and e-books and distributing valuable information, etc. The main purpose of this writing is to clear the queries of the audience with the right information. 

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Steps How To Write A Good Content

1. Start with your goals-

If your goal is not set and your objective is not clear, Then you don’t measure your success and you fail in your strategy. You also have no direction in your content. This is the main point of how to write a good content, Firstly set your goals and start your content marketing plan. That is, your goals should be specific, relevant, measurable, achievable, and time-bound.

2. Use your voice-

When you start writing your website needs fonts, style, and consistent colors. You need to write consistently in your tone and style. The easiest way to write is in your voice. You need to write original and unique content.

3. know your audience-

All strangers in the room become an audience. They all sit and read your content and notice the person and what he is talking about. To get everyone’s attention, you need to talk about their common concerns and questions. But you also need to speak directly to them.

4. Grab your Reader’s attention –

The important thing in your article is the headlines and images. 80% of people read the first headlines and the remaining read all content. You used controversy, emotions, uniqueness, questions, and shock-and-awe they all get more attention grabs in headings. But you need to write the numbers listed to perform regular titles. According to our research, they get 80 to 90% more traffic on your website.

5. Write for the audience, not for yourself-

Use language according to what they understand and what is important for all of them. Write about what their needs are. Provide answers to questions that they have doubts about. and concerns they may have.

6. Optimize your content for search engines-

This is the key point for how to write a good content. SEO is all about achieving goals according to your marketing strategy and making content for readers.

Before Writing-

The first step of writing is finding the trending keywords. Looking for primary keywords with ratings and checking the decent volume of keywords that you write. You write about topics that are important for them, not what readers are looking for.

When writing-

You need a range of title tags [ H1, H2, H3, H4 ] to get the best structure of your content. More than the posts with this structure are getting high performing. You also add links to other content on your site to add value to your audience. Use the keywords to describe your links. You should add alt text in images for SEO

After writing- 

Next, you need to write a meta title, and meta description by using the primary keywords. It needs to be optimized for search engines. It also needs to attract people. So, you need to write short and look good. The meta title will be 55-60 characters. And Meta description will be 155-160 characters. Your URL also includes primary keywords and doesn’t use symbols in the URL.

7. Strike the right tone of your voice-

You need to write 70-80% according to your keywords, and the remaining will be to write something .But, it is also related to your content and your keywords. 

8. Readability-

This is another key point for how to write a good content. You need to check the readability of your content according to the audience. You also write a short paragraph but it looks impressive. The score of your readability will be under 10 marks.

9. Provide proof-

You also provide proof to your audience by using case studies, real-life examples, and success stories. And comments from your audience that praise your work and product.

10. Editing-

At last, you check your grammar, passive voice, and spelling mistakes. And check your URL also. And you hired a copyeditor to go over the line. Its all the steps for how to write a good content.

The important lesson that we have learned today! 

Write with your genuine passion, and show your readers how you care about them. And share your favorite writing tricks. What tools do you favor in content creation and copywriting? Please share in the comments box. I hope you will enjoy this session

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