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An Easy Guide On How To Use Whatsapp Web: Anovanews



How To Use WhatsApp Web

Don’t know how to use Whatsapp Web? Ah! Don’t think you are alone in this; many don’t know its usage.

Stay tuned!

Originally, the use of Whatsapp was mainly on mobile phones to stay in touch and communicate with loved ones. 

But, for some reason, people need its use on computers as well.

To meet this requirement, they introduced Whatsapp Web because many people wanted to know about it.

So, in this blog, we will cover everything about how to use WhatsApp web.

I can consider that many people know about Whatsapp and use it on their phones. You know that it is the most commonly used application for communication. 

You can see it from the data from Statista of October 2021 on the most used messenger apps-

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What is Whatsapp Web?

As you know, WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging app that can be used by Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry users where they can exchange images, text, audio, and video messages without any cost.

Now let’s know about Whatsapp web.

It is a part of WhatsApp. In this, people can receive and send messages through their computers easily. The interesting part is that all the messages are either from your computer or smartphone; you can check them on both devices. 

You can enjoy using Whatsapp on any browser on your PC.

Now let’s discuss how to use WhatsApp web.

Guidance On Using Whatsapp Web-

You have knowledge of WhatsApp Web; the next step is to learn how to use WhatsApp Web.

It can be used in two ways:

  • On a computer’s web browser.
  • On a desktop app.

We will mention both methods, so it’s up to you whether you like to use PC Whatsapp or the desktop app.

Using a Web Browser

Follow these instructions to utilize WhatsApp on your computer’s web browser:

1 From your computer, go to WhatsApp Web.

An Easy Guide On How To Use Whatsapp Web: Anovanews

2 On your phone, open WhatsApp and select Menu or Three Dots.

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3 Select WhatsApp Web from the drop-down menu.

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4 Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera by pointing it at the computer screen.

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5 Once your phone is connected to WhatsApp Web, you may send and receive messages directly from your browser.

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How to use the WhatsApp desktop application?

  • Firstly, you have to install a desktop app. For this, go to and download it for Mac and PC.
  • For installation, click on the green download button on your PC.
  • After that, go to the download folder and double-click it.
  • You have to follow the steps for installation on a Windows computer, while on a Mac, you just drag the icon into the folder of applications.
  • Now the desktop app is started, and the further procedure is the same as Whatsapp Web.
  • If you choose to log out, you will log out; otherwise, it will keep you logged into it.


If you want to install the WhatsApp desktop app, your operating system should be Windows 8 or an updated version.

Or the same in the case of Mac OSX 10.9 or its updated version.

Now, you know how to use WhatsApp web. Follow the above steps and continue with your WhatsApp.

Why do so many people prefer to use WhatsApp Web?

It is simple to use this feature, but so many people don’t know about it. 

But if you are working and want to be more productive, you must use it on your PC.

The major reason behind that is that if you want to reply or see the messages, you have to pick up the phone every time. Because of it, we start seeing other things on the phone, like social media apps, and it distracts us from work. 

That is why, nowadays, many people prefer using WhatsApp Web.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Web-

  • You can easily write the message with the help of a keyboard.
  • Files sending has become easy.
  • Faster copy and paste of the links.
  • You can also use it comfortably even if your phone is on charging.
  • It saves the mobile battery.
  • If you only want to concentrate on your work, then it helps increase your productivity.
  • You can use it on desktop and mobile simultaneously.
  • You can use numerous accounts on the same PC.

Drawbacks of using WhatsApp web-

  • If your phone is not connected properly to the internet connection, then WhatsApp Web will not work properly. It will disconnect again and again. 
  • If your phone is switched off, it will not work.
  • It does not operate on all the browsers besides Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari (macOS 10.8+ only), and Google Chrome.
  • If someone gets access to your phone, then he can use your personal WhatsApp account. So, make sure you protect your phone.

Additional Point-

Some WhatsApp web tips and tricks

WhatsApp Web is a simple method to operate WhatsApp on any computer from anywhere in the world until your phone is signed in with the computer. These tips and strategies will make utilising WhatsApp Web on your PC much easier after you’ve figured out how to use WhatsApp Web.

Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of WhatsApp Web, such as its advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to improve your knowledge with some easy tricks.

1 Keyboard Shortcuts for WhatsApp Web

You’ll need to master certain keyboard shortcuts to get the most out of WhatsApp Web on your PC. It can turn you into a typing expert who can get things done a little faster.

The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Web:

  • Mark as unread using Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U.
  • Mute (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M)
  • Archive the conversation (Ctrl + Alt + E)
  • Delete the conversation with Ctrl + Alt + Backspace.
  • Pin the conversation with Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P.
  • Do a search with Ctrl + Alt + / (forward slash) 
  • Search conversations using Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F.
  • New conversation using Ctrl + Alt + N.
  • New group (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N)
  • About and Profile (Ctrl + Alt + P)
  • Check Settings with Ctrl + Alt +, (comma)

2 Allow WhatsApp Web’s Dark Mode.

WhatsApp Web’s dark mode was previously a hidden function that wasn’t made public. To make it work, you had to fiddle with the browser’s code. 

Therefore, dark mode is now available in settings, so that’s no longer a difficult task.

To allow it, follow these steps:

  • To access the menu, click the three vertical dots.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a theme from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a dark theme.
  • Click the OK button.

3 Using Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Computer

Some individuals use two phones, each with their own WhatsApp account, while others use a dual-SIM phone with numerous WhatsApp applications. You can’t merely open two tabs in Chrome and sign in separately if you want to run two WhatsApp Web accounts on your PC.

The useful trick to using multiple accounts on a single computer is to open a different browser or incognito window. Therefore, if you have already signed in to one account in a browser, begin a fresh window in Incognito Mode. 

The other method is to use the second browser and go to WhatsApp Web in that. You can normally log in to the other account by reading the QR code. 

Point to keep in mind-

In incognito mode, your WhatsApp Web automatically logs out after an hour. So you use it for an hour in incognito mode.

4 Alter the Chat Wallpaper

Do you want to make your WhatsApp Web windows colourful? If yes, then here in it, you can change the colour of the chat wallpaper from the default colour. Moreover, you can delete the WhatsApp doodles.

  • To open the menu, click the three vertical dots.
  • Click on settings
  • Click on the Chat Wallpaper
  • Choose a colour title.
  • Uncheck Add WhatsApp doodles if you want to remove them.

5 Formatting of messages

To give your message that extra oomph, you might wish to apply formatting to it. You may rapidly structure your WhatsApp online chat messages by using these shortcuts, whether you want to emphasise something for significance or comic effect-

  • Put an asterisk (*) on both sides of the text to make it bold.
  • Put an underscore (_) on both sides of the text to make it italic.
  • Strikethrough- On both sides of the text, place a tilde (~).
  • Place three backticks (“`) on each side of the text to create a monospace.

6 With a keyboard, you can type and search for emojis.

Emojis make instant messaging feel more complete. However, switching from the keyboard to the mouse, clicking the emoji symbol near the text space, and finding the proper emoji takes time. 

Thankfully, there is a WhatsApp Web technique that is quicker.

Type (colon) followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to convey in the chat. You’ll be presented with a list of emojis that vary with each letter you write.


From the above discussion, now you know how to use WhatsApp Web efficiently. Follow the steps mentioned above and easily chat with your loved ones on your PC. 

Moreover, the WhatsApp Web tips and tricks also help you spice up your chat. So, enjoy using WhatsApp Web with ease!

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