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Best Guide and Tips for the student how to top in class 10



how to top in class 10

It may sound obvious, but the first thing you need to make sure of is that you’re studying the right material. Your exams are based on your classwork by your teacher and make sure you’re doing your homework every time for how to top in class 10

When you do your homework, go through it and make sure you understand every question and why it’s being asked. When you understand what you’re doing, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting good grades!

Here are the things to keep in mind for how to top in class 10

1) Study regularly 

2) Take notes in class and revise them regularly 

3) Don’t leave class before taking a copy of the notes 

4) Prepare for the class as and when you have time

 5) Choose the best books and identify learning gaps 

6) Always prepare a revision schedule and stick to it 

7) Talk to seniors who have studied in your school earlier and know your teacher 

8) Make a point to see your teacher regularly 

9) Participate in school activities 

10) Do some additional reading on topics of interest 

11) Take care of your health and stay physically active 

12) Allow yourself to take breaks from time to time

How to study well for various subjects in class 10?

The key to studying well for school is to practice your time management skills. If you’re struggling for time, you could try studying for 2-3 hours a day and over 4-5 sessions. This will allow you to study for roughly one hour each session. You can also break up your school schedule into different subjects, allowing you to practice a specific subject for 2-3 sessions as well. This will give you an opportunity to study for shorter periods.

It is easy to study well for various subjects in class 10. You can go to any nearby library and pick up some good books. Enrol yourself in a good tuition centre and ask your teachers to recommend good books on various subjects.

How to improve your exam writing skills?

Don’t try to answer all the questions, rather try to answer the easiest questions first. It helps you in saving time and also in figuring out the answer to the tougher questions. If you have time left at the end, go back to the tougher questions. Also, make sure to go back to answers you know are incorrect and check the textbook. Make sure you understand the language of the questions before you start drawing conclusions.

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Here are 10 ways you can improve your exam writing skills in class 10: 

1. Be organized! Write down the points you plan to cover and arrange them in the order you plan to present them. It’ll help you focus on the most important parts of the exam and will help you save time. 

2. Reread the essay question and topic sentences of your notes once you’ve completed your rough draft. Make sure that your essay answers the question, and that the topic sentences relate well to your thesis. 

3. Focus on what you really need to say. Some people spend too much time on the “nice to have” parts of their essays and not enough time on the “need to have” parts. Apply this rule as you work through your essay, and be sure to spend time on the points that will get you the most marks.

How to manage your time efficiently?

The most fundamental thing that a student must do is to know what to focus on. This is the most important thing a student must know while studying.

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When we ask a student what are they going to study, they must have to decide what exactly they are going to study. It’s not that easy to manage school time, part-time jobs and time for family & friends.

 How to start out?

It’s never too early to start planning for college. So many students know where they want to go, but don’t know how to start getting good grades and high test scores. What does it take to get top marks in class 10? Well, you need to start by understanding the syllabus. Remember that time management is key here. If you get up to speed on what your teacher is marking, you’ll be miles ahead of your classmates.

Tips for studying effectively

There are several techniques you can use to study effectively. These techniques are not based on our own experiences, but on those of students who have successfully topped the class 10 exams without difficulty. With a bit of effort, you can use these techniques to shore up your weaknesses and boost your overall performance.

Tip 1: Make a study schedule.

Tip 2: Set a study goal that is challenging but not impossible.

Tip 3: Take regular breaks while studying.

Tip 4: Stimulate your brain. Don’t just read and memorise information, but make connections between the information in your own mind.

Tip 5: Study in groups.

 Tips for taking notes

Take notes in a notebook, electronic device or both. Some people like to write notes by hand, then type them into a computer as an easy reference. Others prefer using a digital device to take notes directly, then print them out to read at the end of class. Either way works!

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When taking notes, make them meaningful. What will be on the final exam? You need to know that in order to write effective notes. Write down the most important concepts, terms and ideas.


Good grades in class 10? You can do it if you follow these tips. Please note that these are just guidelines and are not absolute rules. To stand out in classrooms, which are crammed with students, you just have to give your best shot and never give up. Focus on your weak areas and take more time to learn them well. Also, do not expect to get high grades in all subjects and arm yourself with techniques to get over difficulties! Keywords: how to ace in class 10, how to top in class 10, how to get good 

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