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How to focus on school homework?



How to focus on school homework

Are you not able to focus on school homework?  Well don’t worry in this blog I will guide you how to focus on school homework and the factors that why you are not able to focus on school homework along with its solutions. Well doing school homework is more challenging part when you come back from school and instead of doing rest you first need to finish your school homework. It is tough part of the day when you want to spend time on television and having rest.

We have done deep research on factors that disturb student to focus on school homework and we find some better solutions valuable information of how to focus on school homework.

Problems and solution how to focus on school homework

1.     Healthy food and drink water.

Well the big reasons that why student can’t focus on school homework is food. Yes it is food after coming back from school student need to fuel their body as they already loose there energy during school time period so having healthy food such as

  • Apple slices
  • Peanut butter
  • Fruit salad
  • Dark chocolate

And much other nutrition food will give you the energy to properly focus on school homework.

2.     Put your phone and television on silent mode.

Well these days a lot of student can’t focus on school homework because of their mobile phones and television. However phones are not allowed in school so when they reach home spend their time on social media and in evening time they watch their favorite television show therefore they had no time to do school homework

So keep your phone on silent mode or put it aside for a while.

3.     Don’t be over smart.

Some student want to finish their work as fast as they can so that they can play outside with their friends therefore they do multitasking work such as while solving math equations they are listening science lecture these type of work are not helpful you can’t remember two or three task at a one time next day in school you will forget what you learned so please try to do one work at one time so that you can remembers that topic.

4.     Make timetable.

If you divide you work on different time you will find that you have done your work in less time for example when you come back to home take rest and bath, eat some health food, stretch your body and follow you timetable start working on math and science work because it need more power which you have in early after that work on English history Hindi one by one

Try to revise your homework early in the morning because it the best time and you have fresh mind.

5.     Give your body proper rest after one hour.

Well, mostly people get tired after one hour. Working for too long is harmful for our body. People need to give proper rest to their body after at least one hour so that they can work again with great power. If you can’t remember the time you can also set reminders. Make sure that you do not use your mobile phone because it will distract you and you will forget to study again. Put a small alarm clock which has a better sound so that you can hear it.

6.     Study in a comfortable environment.

Having good space for your study is not only better for your study but also for your health. such as  your study table should be at proper height and do not use an iron or plastic table, only use a cushions chair because you need to sit for a long time and a cushions chair gives you better posture which is beneficial for your body especially for you spine. Moreover if you do not have these types of facilities you can also use the public library which you know is quite a place for study and have various facilities so you can study there.

 Is school homework important?

Well school homework play vital role in student life because it teach them various important aspect of life for example:

  1. management skill
  2. discipline and manners
  3. communication skill
  4. vocabulary
  5. improve grads

All are the important aspects for students to succeed in the future and have a better career. School homework is considered an investment of students for better grades and a good career.

1.     Management skill

It is a skill which needs to be perfect in all students so that they can work on proper time without having a workload. in schools every teacher give student a different homework to do and student need to finish that school homework on proper time as they do so they become perfect in it can do better in future also without any trouble.

2.     Discipline and manners

In school homework all stories are related to real life from which they learn some good habits and morals of life. Doing a task multiple times checks the patience level of students and also improves strong brain memory.

3.     Communications skill

Communications matter a lot in life. Without having good communication skills a student can’t compete their competitors. It helps to make a network between people.

4.     Vocabulary

Students read various books in school from which they learn lots of words which help them improve their vocabulary. Using an advanced level of vocabulary makes them an advanced person. When they use it in real life they feel more confident talking with others.

5.     Improve grades

Well, students are given the same homework as they did in school. It is for practice purposes as they do the same work in school and home. They remember that topic for a long time and they do better in exams.

Tips to increase the focus power

  • Study with your friends
  • have a proper diet
  • take a short break
  • fine nice place to study
  • choose the right time to study
  • make plan before you study
  • never study on your bed
  • stay away from your phone
  • switch off your social media platform


According to a research over 37% of student search for how to focus on school homework. Well it is not so hard to focus on school homework for some student it is just a piece of cake and some are god grace student while other need to focus on their school homework using some tip and trick if they do so they will become addicted to if which will increase their power of focusing it will also help them in their future so please try to implement those technique in your life yes it will took some days but you will find it really to focused on any work.

Frequently ask questions

Does physical condition also effect on lack of concentrations?

Yes it is sometime hard to sit for long time people should have strong body to sit for a long time not only in school but also at home if you do not have strong body student it will be hard for you to focus on school homework.

I tried all tips and techniques to focus on school homework nothing works?

Well it observed only in some students it is because of their mental health they may disturbed by past experience that why they can’t focus on school homework. These type of student ask their doctor or psychologist for more information as they will help o forget their bad past experience like losing someone family issues and many more.

Should I try to listen music while I am studying?

Whenever student ask this question I only suggest then to not listen daily life music like there favorite singer there are some playlist available of smooth song which is only use for focusing on work so you should listen that type of music.

How to focus on school homework guest are at home?

When guests are at your home and you are busy at handling them you just need to handle them for some time an let your parent handle them you just go to your room and tell your parents that you are studying please don’t disturb me they understand you and let you to finish your school homework. In evening time you can spend time with your guest member.

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