How Do EPOS Systems Work & Key EPOS Benefits In 2021


What is an EPOS system?

EPOS software enables customers to self-serve, which will free up your time and enable you to focus on customer service and staff training. EPOS software will help streamline the purchasing process as well the ordering in stock so that staff spend less time and more time serving customers.

EPOS allows you to have control of your sales data and information straight from the palm of your hand. Allowing you to be able to view and manage your sales figures whilst on the go, meaning you’ll never miss a sale again.

Setup for your EPOS system is easy. Choose from various languages and different currencies. Your EPOS software is updated as soon as the new version rolls out, usually overnight, so you are sure to have everything up and running fully and most importantly securely every time.

How does EPOS work?

An EPOS system is a computerised system that allows sales staff to use a till to make sales and process payments. At the end of each day, the EPOS software takes all the data it has collected and this is used to make detailed reports on the business by different employees at different times of the day or week. An EPOS system makes it easier for a business to meet their GSTIN obligations – as all transactions are recorded automatically, there is no recording or chasing up from the sales staff. These benefits are why most larger businesses use an EPOS system.

Benefits of using EPOS systems for your business

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities

Improved reporting has always been an issue for smaller businesses. The loss of data, or the inability to report quickly and accurately, is a real challenge when it comes to growing your business. With EPOS systems in place, however, all your data can be synced automatically with software that’s specifically designed to read it. This saves time and generates more accurate reports, allowing you to act and make decisions more quickly.

  • Mobility

EPOS software can be downloaded onto mobile devices allowing retailers not only to make sales on the move but also versatility in their instore setup. As well as this, through basic wifi or Bluetooth connections, POS systems can be easily integrated with any hardware such as mobile card readers, scanners and receipt printers.

  • Save time, sell more

Need to free up time and increase efficiency with your sales team? The market-leading EPOS system from Pine Labs is here to do just that. Not only does it come packed full of features, it couldn’t be simpler to use. You can get it set up and running in a matter of minutes, and experience increased sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Increased customer loyalty

We support this trend by offering a host of customisable loyalty schemes in our EPOS system. We can even integrate with third-party providers to ensure that your customers can create an account and register directly on your EPOS system by feeding their details into the scheme that you choose!

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