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Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for health-conscious people



Healthy Indian breakfast ideas

As we know, healthy food is essential for life. As the recommendation of the Dietician, our food should be quality food, not quantity food. But many people can’t differentiate between them due to lack of knowledge of nutrition. This article will give you the healthy Indian breakfast ideas trending in India.

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for health-conscious people Healthy Indian breakfast ideas 1

The nutrition demand for every person is different according to their daily life routine. So it will depend on the daily schedule of life of a person. A sportsperson has to take high protein and carbs, but a sitting job personality should take the high fibre and low carb.

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas

There are many breakfast ideas in India in different regions. So many recipes are trending for any reason, others may be at another place. In this article, we explain a lot to choose according to your choice. We will discuss first for vegetarians and then for non-vegetarian. Let’s start with Healthy Indian breakfast ideas For vegetarian.

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas For vegetarian 


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It is made of cracked and broken wheat or corn. It is made after grinding the wheat, so it contains a lot of fibre and all other nutrients like potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and a very small amount of fat.

Overnights oats

This overnight oats recipe is a quick, easy, and delicious dish created by soaking quick-cooking oats or rolled oats overnight in milk, water, or yogurt. Then served for breakfast as a healthy dish for mornings, topped with fruits or nuts. It’s like having dessert for breakfast with a great taste.

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It contains high fibre, protein, iron, vitamins, and other minerals. In Indian supermarkets, a complete pack of oats is also available with more nutrition so you can take it directly.


Poha is a south Indian dish and is very famous all around the country. It has many types like Kanda Poha, Indori Poha, Soya Poha, Nagpur Tarri Poha etc. 

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for health-conscious people

It is very tasty and full of nutritions and all fiber is included in it. So it can be added in your choice for healthy Indian breakfast ideas.


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It is also a south Indian dish with high protein and other nutrition. It is very healthy, and you can take it in the morning for all-day energy as it contains urad dal and various crunchy veg with curd, so it is complete nutrition for a person.


Thepla is a Gujarati dish, and it may be a healthy Indian breakfast idea for you due to its nutrition. It is the best choice for various healthy people. 

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It is also so much liked by the foody people. Thepla Made with fenugreek leaves, wheat flour, coriander leaves, turmeric powder. You will get the best taste with achar in this dish.

Sprouts salad

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This is a combination of daal, onion, and other essential veggies to increase the flavour of this dish. It is high in nutrition and carbohydrate, giving you enough energy to get through the day. It is ideal for your body because it is plentiful in protein. As a result, you can include it in your healthy Indian breakfast ideas.

Paneer Bhurji

As you may know, Paneer has a significant quantity of vitamins and protein. As a result, it is the most acceptable option for a variety of players and health-conscious individuals. It’s also ideal for vegetarians who need to meet their protein requirements. If you include the paratha and roti, you will have enough energy for the entire day. You can also add veggies and other dry fruits to this.

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Mix Veg Paratha

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It is preferable to acquire complete nutrients with mixed vegetable paratha on your to-do list. You can also use curd and achar to increase its taste. It’s also beneficial to gain some quick energy and eat a balanced diet throughout the day.

Multigrain paratha

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for health-conscious people

Because each grain has a unique nutritional profile, you must use whole grains in your recipe to get the most out of it. Because this paratha comprises 2-4 grains, it is excellent in protein and nourishment. It has the best taste and nutrients because it contains numerous fibres. So With less oil, you can easily use all the nutritions to have the best taste.

Idli sambhar 

If your daily schedule requires a balancing diet, then healthy Indian breakfast ideas will be best for you. 

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It is a good combination of fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It is the best option for you to get a healthy breakfast.

Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for non-vegetarian


Because the egg is the best source of protein, it is preferable to consume it for protein requirements. The egg is used in various cuisines, but the omelette is exceptionally delicious and nutritious, and it is included in almost every health-conscious diet plan.

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You have to take protein according to your body weight, so in one egg, 6 grams of protein, you can calculate your daily protein chart very easily.

Grilled chicken 

It is also a very tasty, healthy Indian breakfast idea for non-vegetarian. This recipe is modified according to your chosen ingredient. It contains all nutrition, and it is a fresh protein diet. 

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Mutton korma 

As we all know, chicken is high in protein and carbohydrates, making it an entire day’s energy source. It could be the taste of mutton curry with curd in the flesh. That could be in the form of cloves, cardamom, or cinnamon sticks, among other things.

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Fish biryani 

Fish is the favourite food for non-vegetarians. As fish contains high proteins compared to other food, it is highly demanded worldwide. These may be healthy Indian breakfast ideas for a non-vegetarian. 

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Boiled Egg 

It’s a great idea to have boiled egg fry for a snack. With nourishing eggs, milk, and a blend of other spices, this non-vegetarian summer side dish comes together beautifully. Cooking the Indian snack in a pan is a straightforward process. It’s so easy to make that anyone can do it in a matter of minutes. Make an Indian masala with coriander and turmeric, and you can also add various vegetables according to your taste, then carefully spread it on the half-egg. Hard-boiled eggs and pav are all you need to serve.

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Conclusion: Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas 

In the article Healthy Indian breakfast ideas for health we’ve covered a lot of well-known recipes in this post, so your choice is based on what you have on hand and your personal preferences. All of the dishes we’ve suggested are high in protein and nutrition. A nutritious breakfast is necessary to meet a person’s nutritional needs for the entire day. Thus it should be increased in both nutrients and protein.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is healthy food?

The quality food full of nutrition that is good for your health is called healthy food.

Is milk a complete breakfast for a normal person?

Milk is a complete diet for a child but not for an adult. We have to make some more dishes to make our breakfast healthy with milk.

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