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Game Kharido: A 100% Bonus Top-Up of Free Fire Diamonds



game kharido

Game kharido offers the players a 100% percent bonus on all types of Free fire Diamonds. 

Free fire is a shooting game. Free fire has a great fanbase in the action and shooting segment. In this game, free fire developers have the diamond option that you can use to purchase goodies like different skins, weapons, etc. 

Diamonds are the currency in the free fire game. We can use this currency to purchase the premium stuff in the free fire game. This currency offers Human skins, Aeroplane skins, Gun skins and many types of premium stuff. 

Game kharido is an official Center to top up Garena free fire Diamonds. If you need diamonds, you have to top up in the Garena free fire game; you can do top up in the Garena free fire game, or you can the top-up from third-party websites like game kharido, codashop, Garena top-up center. 

Game kharido is a website where you can do free fire diamond top-ups, and with the help of this website, you can earn a 100% bonus. The Garena free fire game developers officially developed this website. With this official website, you can do top-ups of diamonds for your family, friends and yourself. 

What is Games Kharido Com or Garena Top-up Center? 

The diamonds are the in-game currency of Garena Free Fire Max and Garena Free Fire – Illuminati. The free fire lovers are hungry to top up the diamonds in the game to try exclusive items, such as costumes, skins, and many more. So, they visit this website to top up the diamonds as fast as possible.

The free fire community keep updating the new events and characters to make their gameplays awesome. The Free fire developers want their users to keep playing the game. If a new event, character or human skin comes into the game, the gamers are excited to try out the exclusive events.

are many ways the gamers use to acquire the in-game currency called diamonds, and Game kharido is one of the websites they use to explore the new stuff coming into the game. 

Gamers use these types of websites to save money. The in-game currency prices on these websites are very low compared to the official top-up center. These websites give them the best deals and cashback offers to get free promotions from the visitors and make more money to spend on their advertisement budget.

They provide several offers on diamonds top-ups; the most popular offer is the 100% bonus offer; in this offer, they give the users low-priced in-game currency. 

What are the Advantages of purchasing diamonds from Game kharido? 

Game kharido is one of the most popular website among the people who want the game currency of Garena free fire called diamonds; they give the cheapest rates of diamonds. 

Game kharido provides free fire gamers with a 100% bonus, which means if you purchase one diamond from this website, you will get one more diamond for free. You will get two diamonds in a price range of one diamond. 

There are many advantages of purchasing diamonds from Game kharido 2022. Keep scrolling this blog to know about all the benefits. Manny Montana’s Personal Life And His Interests

100% Top-up Bonus

The number one advantage of purchasing free fire in-game currency is a 100% top-up bonus. Let’s take an example; suppose you bought 200 diamonds from the website at the price of 100 rupees. After a successful transaction, you will get 400 diamonds in your free fire vault. 

Easy to use

 The Garena free fire top-up center is very easy to use. They have a simple layout to understand expert and beginner level gamers. You have to visit the website, and you have to add your id and done! Anyone can do top up of diamonds on the website. 

Secure Payment Gateway

They use a secure payment gateway to avoid spam and a quick refund. The payment gateway of games kharido is “CODAPAY.” The company makes sure that you are making a safe and secure payment. This payment gateway was founded in 2011, and they are now serving 15+ countries. The company has headquarters in Singapore. The gateway offers Indian payment methods like Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, UPI, etc. you don’t need to have a debit or credit card for purchasing the diamonds from the website. 

Cheaper than Others

Game is the most affordable website to buy Free fire diamonds. If we talk about some other top-up websites like codashop etc., they share 100 rupees for 100 diamonds, but this top-up center gives you 100 diamonds in only 80 rupees, so they are much cheaper than others. You should check them out once for more affordable free fire diamonds. 

How to do diamonds top-up from Games Kharido? 

Doing diamonds top-up from Games kharido is very easy; even a five-year-old kid can do a top-up. Keep scrolling the page and below, you will find a step-by-step guide. 

Step 1

Visit the official website of Games kharido. Please note that only gameskharido is the official website for the free fire diamond top-up. 

Step 2

Close the pop-up window button. 

Step 3

In the third step, you have to select the game you want to purchase the diamonds. Then select the free fire game. 

Step 4

In this step, you have to log into your free fire account; you can log in with Facebook or with your player id. 

Step 5

After that, you have to select your payment method; you can make payments with Google Pay, PhonePe, Mobikwik, UPI and many more. 

Step 6

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased the free fire game diamonds. The diamonds will appear in your free fire game vault; this will take some time to show in your vault.

What are the prices of Games Kharido for Free fire diamonds? 

The price of diamonds on games kharido is very low. 

Below is the full prices for diamonds:

In 40 rupees, you will get 50 diamonds + 50 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

In 80 rupees, you will get 100 diamonds + 1000 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

In 240 rupees, you will get 310 diamonds + 310 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

In 400 rupees, you will get 520 diamonds + 520 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

In 800 rupees, you will get 1,060 diamonds + 1,060 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

In 1,600 rupees, you will get 2,180 diamonds + 2,180 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

In 4,000 rupees, you will get 5,600 diamonds + 5,600 more diamonds bonus for the very first time of promo. 

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FAQs about Games kharido

Is the game kharido secure? 

Yes. The website is 100% secure because this is under the collaboration with Free Fire. 

How to get a 100% Bonus from Game kharido? 

You can only get a 100% bonus if you are a first time user on the website. 

What is the official link of the website Games kharido? 

The website link of Games kharido is

What is Games kharido or What is Games kharido App? 

This is an official website to buy diamonds for the free fire game. 

The Bottom Line

We made this entire blog to help you out in game kharido. We shared every detail about it in a nutshell. The best thing about the game kharido is that this is an officially acquired by free fire game, so it is secure, and the second thing is that you will get a 100% bonus on the platform.

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