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Figures Of Speech: Use To Enhances Your Communication Skills



figures of speech

There are so many topics that you are familiar with when studying the subject “English”. As we all know about the importance of literature. It is an essential part of communication and the proper way of using literature will enhance the beauty of the content. It always helps you to convey someone easily. The speech can be oral as well as written. So, you can use many figures of speech in your daily lives.

Before learning about the types of speech, let’s discuss the importance of the speech.

  • It is especially crucial for those who want to work in translation, poetry, or writing.
  • Understanding the different figures of speech helps you pass several exams.
  • Figures of speech also involves language proficiency, exams for studying abroad and a range of competitive exams for employment or school.

Have A Look On The Topic Figures Of Speech 

Figures of speech are an essential part of any language. It is used in everyday conversation and in written and oral literature. These are words or phrases that are utilized uniquely. It also helps you explain your ideas in a different way to your clients or consumers.

Suppose you want to improve your writing and Communications Skills. There are so many figures of speech that make your content more relevant to the audience. Therefore, it helps you present your ideas in a more presentable way.

Innovative Figures Of Speech That Will Boost Your Skills  

Simile – In this figure of speech, two entirely distinct objects are compared. Just like when you compare two things, both good as well as bad aspects. Then a Simile helps to differentiate the things or a person. Words used in this can be “so, as” and many more. Let’s understand more with the help of examples.

Examples of simile are –

  • The dress is as beautiful as a picture in the packet.
  • He is as adorable as his father.
  • The floor was as slippery as wet mud.
  • They looked like peas in a pod.

Metaphor – A metaphor is a figure of speech that implies a comparison between two objects with certain similar characteristics but are otherwise different. The following are some examples of metaphors in sentences –

Examples of metaphor are –

  • Doctors say laughter is the best medicine.
  • His heart of stone surprised me.
  • There is weight on my shoulder.
  • She is the star of our class.

Personification – Personification relates to non-living entities, the nature of human or human qualities. These are those sentences in which non-living things are present in terms of humans. 

Let’s understand more with some examples.

  • The Earth was thirsty for water.
  • Angry clouds thunder the lights on the island.
  • Flowers are talking to her in the garden.
  • Snowflakes are dancing

Apostrophe – This type of figure of speech refers to the absent items. The sentences are formed just like the item, which is not present but amazingly shows their presence. Let’s understand with the help of examples for better understanding.

Examples of apostrophes are –

  • Welcome, O life!
  • O Romeo, where are you?

Oxymoron – In this oxymoron, the two separate words are used together as a statement yet appear to oppose one another. After combining these two different words, it can change the entire line with a new meaning. 

Let’s see the examples to understand better.

  • Our life is bittersweet.
  • Gentle force.
  • I am roaming in the free market.

Hyperbole – Hyperbole is when you use words to elaborate on what you mean or emphasize a point. It is used to make something seem more significant than it is. 

  • It has been so many years since I had a proper meal.
  • I promise to do this forever.
  • I have told you millions of times that do not touch my stuff.
  • Everybody knows me.

Pun – Pun is one of the types of figures of speech that means where one word has two meanings. It is usually used in plays where you want to create humour. In other words, there are words of the same sound but have different meanings. Let’s illustrate with some examples for better understanding.

Examples of pun that is – 

  • A bike can’t stand on its own because it is two-tired.
  • Where do you find ghost snails? It’s on the ends of the ghost fingers.

Alliteration – In alliteration, the spoken sentences have the same sounds when you talk. In other words, these sentences consist of the repetition of a sound or letter at the beginning of two or more words. Let’s illustrate it with some examples to understand better.

Examples of alliteration are –

  • She sells seashells on the seashore.
  • Dirty dolphins dove across the ocean.
  • Purple pandas painted portraits. 
  • Fred fried frogs’ legs on Friday.

Onomatopoeia – It is used to express a sound in a different form. In other words, it involves the use of words that define the sound associated with the action or object referred to. For example, hiss, buzz, click and many more. When you explain any step by putting a sound into language, it is known as onomatopoeia.

Examples of onomatopoeia are –

  • I could hear the wind howling.
  • The buzzing bee flew over my head.
  • I threw a stone that hit the water with a splash.
  • The leaves are rustling.

Assonance – In this kind of speech, the sentences contain some words that repeat vowel sounds. For example, thee, see, and many more.

Examples related to assonance are – 

  • Will you see this view?
  • Bee
  • Thee
  • Too

Euphemism – Euphemism is used when you replace blunt, harsh or offensive words with soft, mild words. Sometimes some sentences are unfavourable or unpleasant, so you replace them with soft words instead of saying harsh words. Let’s illustrate with some examples that make you better understand.

Examples of euphemism are –

  • If you can say, letting you go instead of firing.
  • You can say passed away instead of killed or died.

Synecdoche – In this type, where a part is represented by a whole or a whole sentence represented as a part. 

Let’s understand it with an example –

  • Any toothpaste – Colgate
  • Wheels, gear – A car
  • Many vehicles – Traffic


The basic purpose of figures of speech is to give your work more depth, colour and sense. These types help you to convey messages and make it easy to communicate in front of everybody. Good communication skills are always required for working in a company, studying in school etc.

Sometimes saying rude words to anyone makes things worse. So, replace harsh words with soft words. These also help you to express your feelings amazingly. Teachers also use these figures of speech in poems when they teach to their children. They use poems by doing actions with a sound that makes children comfortable and enjoyable. We hope you found this article beneficial for you.

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The figure of speech make writing interesting or not.

Yes, this adds expression and clarity to your sentences. What you want to say or express with the help of the types of figures of speech, you can convey your messages.

Do you know the most used figures of speech?

There are some familiar figures of speech that are –

  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Personification
  • Pun 
  • Hyperbole
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