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The 5 Detox Water for Weight Loss and To Burn Fat



Detox Water for weight loss

Losing weight with exercise is a complicated task. But detox water for weight loss is straightforward. You only have to drink the detox water for weight loss. Water is essential for our health. Without drinking the water, we can’t survive. 

You don’t need the newest cardio science or a complicated diet to lose weight. H2O gives you metabolism and help you to maintain your weight and keep your belly flat. A study has shown that If you drink 17 ounces of water, it can increase your metabolic rate by 30 percent. Drinking 1.5 litres of water which is about six glasses, you can burn about 17,400 calories in a year.  

Combining plain water with some fat-burning foods will give you energy, fight against bloating, and help you achieve your weight loss goal. Some delicious fruits like Melons, Apples, Grapefruits and kiwifruits are delicious fruits to prevent disease and lose weight fast.

At some point in our life, we all have tried losing. But you can lose weight if you follow some simple rules. Summers are the best time to lose weight, and we have to drink water and sweat more. This season demands a proper fat-burning diet to shed your kilos faster. Keep reading to know about detox water for weight loss in detail.

What is Detox Water? 

Detox water or detox drinks comes from the hours of soaking fruits or vegetables in water. This water has been infused with tangy and taste fruit and vegetable flavours. People use detoxifying ingredients to make their detox water for weight loss most of the time. Detox water helps to cleanse your body and maintain your weight. Lemon, mint, ginger, cilantro and cucumbers are commonly used fruits to make your detox water for weight loss and in vegetable spinach, broccoli, green peas, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Some use detox water to balance their body pH, but some boost the immune system.

The 7 Health Benefits of Detox Water

Detox water has several health benefits. But detox water for weight loss will help you lose your weight fast. 

Helps remove toxins:

Detox water helps remove the toxins from your body. It finds the toxins from your body and removes them. 

Clean our Digestive system:

This water helps clean our digestive system, make the system work well, and digest everything we eat. If our digestive system works well, it keeps us energized throughout the day.

It helps to lose weight:

Detox drinks help to lose weight. This water allows us to increase metabolism in our bodies. It helps to maintain our weight and also flat our belly.  

Balance our body pH:

A balanced body pH plays an essential role in our body. It helps to eliminate body acids. If you don’t have a balanced body pH, you have to face Acidity in your body.

Increase energy levels:

Energy is required to do any task. An increased Energy will result in more productivity, and more productivity will help you do more chores and achieve your goals. Detox water boosts your energy levels, and with high energy, you can do many tasks in a day. 

Improves your skin:

Detox water is helpful to make your skin more glowing. Pollution and chemical deposits lead to dryness and wrinkles on your skin. If you use Vitamin C fruits in your detox water, your skin will improve. 

Reduce inflammation in the body:

Light detox drinks reduce radicals in your body that may cause inflammation. It gives some rest to your body and prevents you from chronic diseases. 

Why detox with detox water?

Although our body does an excellent job detoxing itself through the kidney, liver and other organs, drinking more water helps detoxify. Drinking water helps flush pollution, heavy metals and food waste out of the body. 

Water detoxing is used to cleanse our bodies. Drinking detox water is the most straightforward task to add to our daily routine. It is effortless to drink water and detox yourself with water. The detox drinks are healthy, and this drink has zero calories.      

5 Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss

We are going to share five recipes of detox water for weight loss. These recipes are very delicious, and you can make these recipes at home. The ingredients you need in these recipes are easily accessible, and you don’t need to go to malls for these ingredients; you will find these fruits and vegetables in your nearby supermarkets.

Lemon, Mint and Cucumber Detox Water


  1. Water.
  2. Few springs of mint.
  3. One lemon.
  4. One and a half cucumber.

How to make this recipe?

First, wash the cucumber, lemon and mint. After that, slice the lemon and cucumber and rinse the mint. Then fill the jug with water and add cucumber and lemon to it. Leave this jug in the fridge overnight. Enjoy your detox water for weight loss every morning.  

Detox Drink for Weight Loss


  1. Juice from a lemon.
  2. Four ounces of any Aloe Vera Supplement 
  3. Fresh ginger of 1-2 inches.
  4. Four tablespoons of coconut kefir.
  5. One cup of water.
  6. Two teaspoons of any Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

How to make this recipe?

First, pick a 16-ounce jar. Wash every ingredient one by one. Add all these ingredients to that jar and mix them well. You have to wait for some time so that every component can mix well. After that, drink it and take the benefits of this powerful detox water. 

Hot and Tangy Detox Water 


  1. Two cups of ice.
  2. 2-3 dashes of red chilli.
  3. Juice from a fresh lemon.

How to make this recipe?

First, take a 32-ounce jar make sure the jar has a lid. Fill the jar with two cups of ice. After that, add the juice of one lemon and fill the jar with water. Then sprinkle 2-3 dashes of red chilli. 

Green Power Celery Water 


  1. Four stalks of celery.
  2. Two cups of water.
  3. One cheesecloth.

How to make this recipe?

First, take four stalks of celery and cut them into pieces. Blend the celery stalks with a blender or with a food processor. Then Run the blended celery juice through a cheesecloth. After that, squeeze the liquid into a cup. If it tastes too strong, add one or two cups of water. Enjoy your potent drink.

Sweet and Sour Detox Water 


  1. 2-3 dashes of red chilli.
  2. Three tablespoons of organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
  3. Juice from a fresh lemon.
  4. One tablespoon of fresh honey.

How to make this recipe?

First, take a 24-ounce jar. Add the apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, honey and red chilli. Close the jar’s lid and shake it until the honey is thoroughly mixed. After that, add one or two cups of water. Enjoy your drink.     

Final Words 

So, this was the blog about Detox water for weight loss. We shared every detail of detox water for weight loss. Diet is not the only thing to consider; doing exercise or physical activity will boost your results in the journey of weight loss. Now that you have five options to choose from, you don’t have any excuses not to drink water. So drink up, and make sure to leave a comment about which detox water recipe you will try first. Our favourite recipe is Hot and tangy water; this is the best option to drink in winters. Share this detox water for weight loss blog with your friends. 

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